الجيش السوري يسيطر على جبل الشاعر وحقول الغاز في ريف حمص الشرقي

Al-Shaa’er Mountain:

The SAA High Command has announced its complete eradication of ISIS filth from this desolate area.  In a major operation involving SAA, SAAF and NDF, the abandoned oil field at Al-Jadhal.  ISIS rodents did not expect the SAA to respond with such force as can be seen from the helter-skelter way they climbed on to their 4-wheelers and made for the east.  I have no numbers of dead rats.  Laugh your heads off at the map.  Some troll actually drew in a non-existent gas field for Al-Shaa’er Mountain.  It was never there. Absolutely hilarious.  And don’t forget to look for signs of a gas field that would have been protected by those hundreds of guards.  HILARIOUS AND PATHETIC.  The BS is getting very thick as I warned all of you in my post today about Cameron.


Kafr Laahaa in Al-Hoolaa:  An entire pack of Nusra rodents was dispatched by NDF and SAA.  No names.


Waadi Al-Kahf in Al-Qusayr:  3 rats killed. No names.


Al-Qunaytaraat: East rural area,  a large number of ISIS rodents killed here.  No names.

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