You can say anything you like about Malaysia and its Supreme Court whose chief judge is the illustrious boneheaded doofus, Mohamed Apandi Ali (See photo to the left).  You can say Malaysia is a multi-racial nation; ethnically diverse; linguistically complex; culturally rich and textured.  But, you can also say that it is a nation of nincompoops.  Why?….you query.

On June 23, 2014, the muttonhead seen to the left, presided over a Sentence of Judges who split on the issue of whether to allow non-Muslims to use the word “Allah” by a 4-3 vote.  What this means is that there were 3 justices who felt that an accommodating and commodious society should not be subject to the whims of an oppressive, ignorant majority of buffoons and riffraff who have so little to do in their miserable quotidian existence that they experiment with sophistry as though it were the essence of the Shari’ah. (Islamic Canon Law).

The arguments used by the “justices” bordered on the inane.  One justice wrote that it would cause “confusion” if Christians were allowed to use the word Allah.  Another broached the unspeakable subject of Christians using the word to convince Muslims that they should “convert” since the religions have the same God.  Justice Ali wrote that the use of the word “Allah” is “not an integral part of the faith of Christianity.  The usage of the word will cause confusion in the community.”  Oh?  Really?

In the spirit of Ramadhaan, we at SyrPer have bestowed upon the idiot to the left a special prize which we hope he will cherish for the rest of his noisome life.  He is truly our “NINCOMPOOP OF THE YEAR”.

The word “Allah” is Arabic and Aramaic since it is a contraction of the words “Al-Ilaah” – “The One God”.  In Aramaic, Ilaah means God.  You can see it in constructs like the name of the Syrian/Severan/Roman emperor, Elaah-Gabalus (mistakenly called Heliogabalus).  When Jesus was on the cross, he is said to have famously cried out: “Elohi. Elohi. Lama Shabakhthani?”  The Andalusian/Egyptian/Jewish philosopher, Moses Maimonides, wrote some of his works in Arabic using the word Allah instead of the Jewish Elohim or Jehovah (Yahweh).  Even his full name contains the Arabic “Ubayd-ullah”.  Druze in Syria say “Allah” as do Alawis, Ismaa’eelis, Shi’a, Yazidis along with all the other Christian sects that dot the landscape across the Fertile Crescent.  Only a pedigreed jackass like this Malaysian imbecile would try to find some way to escape the obvious by stamping a “reserved” imprimatur on a word as easily understood and as universally used as “Allah”. 

Did you know that the Malaysian government has blocked the Bible in Arabic because it contained the word “Allah”?  In Borneo, they have no other word than Allah for God and don’t know what to do to get around this concocted problem.  But, at SyrPer we know how to get around it.  Here’s SyrPer’s answer to Judge Ali and his horde of infantile degenerates:


Many of you don’t know this.  Malaysians are terrible Muslims and know next to nothing about Islam.  Anyone who has ever listened to the execrable Arabic uttered by their native shaykhs will attest to this.  It’s like watching recently-converted Aztecs dancing around an ancient pagan idol to the sound of “The Grapes of Wrath”.

We encourage all our readers to protest violently whenever a Malaysian Muslim uses the word “God” or “Allah” in your presence.  He should not be allowed to do it in civilized settings.  When he defies you, pull out a magazine of choice and beat him over the nose with it the way you might a puppy who dropped some ordure on your carpet.  Show no mercy!  Allah (oops!) wouldn’t want that. ZAF

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