The Syrian government is keeping mum about the latest victory over the terrorist cannibals infesting some suburbs of Damascus.  As Monzer explains, sometimes hearing about the mass deaths of fellow rats makes the enemy more ardent or cruel.  But, as SyrPer says in response: it also diminishes morale.

More than 300 vermin of the Nusra organization, having had enough of starvation and hopelessness, combined their efforts into breaking through the siege around Doumaa and crashing out from the Maysaloon Roundabout into areas where corridors existed to lead them away to safety.  No such luck.


Intense surveillance of the enemy’s formations along with significant humint told the entire story. The SAA knew what the rats were going to do even before the did it.  Corridors existing around the huge Hafez Al-Assad Highway were closed with Shilkas and hundreds of sharpshooters.  There was no way the plan could succeed.

As I write, the MI is assessing the situation in order to report to the SAA HQ.  Early indicators are that over 100 enemy vermin were put down with many surrendering.  We will keep you informed about this major debacle for Saudi Arabia’s rat army as data comes in.



More great news. The rat numbers are dwindling to trickles.  Today, the Islamic Army led by the now-beleaguered Zahraan ‘Alloosh and the Islamic Union of Syrian Soldiers took a double right hook in the northern fringes of the farm areas.  It was another attempt by the rats to break out of the siege.  They were annihilated:

  • Tayseer Abu-Salaama
  • ‘Afeef Muhammad
  • Muhammad Hajeeku (a/k/a “Al-Nisr”, the Eagle. Yawn. He’s soaring now over the flames of Hell)
  • Fareed ‘Amr
  • ‘Adnaan Tufoor
  • Sa’adeddeen Al-Kibreeti
  • Muhammad Tu’ma
  • Yaasser Hijaazi

Another 28 were identified as foreigners, some from Jordan and some from Tunisia.


Al-Shifooniyya Farms:  A total of 15 enemy cannibals were killed last night in a full assault by SAA backed by NDF:

  • ‘Umar Al-Mudawwar
  • ‘Ali Ma’zool
  • Taaleb Al-Khayyaat
  • Mahmoud Tu’ma

The rest were not identified.



مقتل 15 إرهابياً في الشيفونية.. ومجموعات مسلحة تفشل بفك الحصار عن المليحة


Al-‘Aaliya Farms:

In the Doumaa area.  Ziad believes strongly that Zahraan ‘Alloosh, leader of the Jaysh Al-Islaam (snort!) is holed up here and looking for a route westward into the Qalamoon and then to Lebanon.  The SAA knows this.  An assault yesterday by SAA armor killed an undisclosed number of rodents in this area.  I am waiting for details.


Al-Nishaabiyya:  Deep in the Ghoutaa.  The Nusra took it again in the solar plexus and coughed up blood:

  • Mustafaa Jeelaani
  • ‘Issa ‘Anjoor
  • ‘Abdullah Farhaan
  • Taareq ‘Urfa
  • Sameeh Fidya
  • ‘Umar Tayyaara
  • ‘Alaa` Duroobi

Another 4 could not be identified.


Harastaa Farms:  East of the Police Infirmary, SAA killed 7 rats and seized a large cache of arms which will be delivered to NDF for killing Wahhabis.  I have no names.


Khaan Al-Shaykh at the Ashrafiyyat Al-Abbaasi and on Nestle Street, the SAA smothered a group of Nusra garbage killing an estimated 10+ and confiscating a nice batch of ammunitiion for AK47s.  No details.


Assaal Al-Ward:  Near the Lebanese border, SAAF and SAA combined to block a group of rodents from escaping justice killing the following:

  • Marwaan ‘Abdul-Wahhaab
  • Ni’ma ‘Aj’ooj
  • Sameer Shaykhu
  • Mahmoud Beetaar
  • “Abu Al-Fidaa`” (Id pending)


NOTE TO READERS:  In the media and from our sources, it appears the Libyans are disappearing and returning to their anarchy-laden apeland in order to fight General Hiftar.  We wish the general the best success in hunting these rats.  Good riddance to bad rubbish.  I am hearing about Libyan snake, ‘Abdul-Hakeem Bel-Hadj, but am waiting for confirmation. ZAF

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