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Troops of the Syrian First Army Corps celebrate the liberation of Al-Maleeha yesterday. (Photo: courtesy Leith Fadel)


Al-Maleeha:  The complete and utterly chaotic withdrawal of the Jaysh Al-Islam rats and their allies in the Nusra camp had to happen sooner or later.  ‘Alloosh was the first to order the withdrawal out of Al-Maleeha as his rodents were telling him they could no longer withstand the concentrated power of the SAA artillery and the constant sniping from the NDF.  In addition to this, the SAA Special Operations units were particularly active on several fronts including setting traps for the vermin and blocking their communications.  It is reported that ‘Alloosh’s criminals made efforts to inform the Nusra group about their impending withdrawal to Dayr Al-‘Assaafeer, but failed in that effort when SAA special units jammed their walkie-talkies leaving the Nusra freaks with the impression they were there to stay.

As soon as the remnant rodents of Nusra and the Al-Jabha Al-Islamiyya appeared in Dayr Al-‘Assaafeer, they began fighting with Jaysh Al-Islam accusing its members of treason and collaborating with the government.  The battles are continuing as are the calls for the decapitation of Zahraan ‘Alloosh, whose days are numbered anyways.

SAA sappers are now dismantling IEDs and mines all over Al-Maleeha.







عمليات خاطفة نفذتها وحدات

Sure he looks cocky. Wouldn’t you after massacring the rats of Al-Maleeha?


Al-Zabadaani at Al-Sha’eera:  To the south, 5 rats killed by an inspired SAA with 1 pickup and 23mm cannon destroyed.


Khaan Al-Shaykh:  In the Al-Sakeek Quarter and the surrounding farms, some skirmishing with no details.


Daarayyaa:  The SAA has uncovered a huge stash of weapons and ammunition which was hidden in barrels under the ground.  Inside were RPGs, rockets, assault rifles and drugs like Captagon.


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