Khaan ToomaanHills around the town of Khaan Toomaan have been cleaned out.  Rat terrorists only partially escaped the rapture that awaited them as the SAA and NDF smothered them in an armor/infantry sweep liberating the Baazu Hill, SyriaTel Tower Complex and the Al-Zayd Hill.  Wael tells me you can see the terrorist savages preparing a move out of the town as the SAA pincer continues to close quite methodically.  These rodents belonged to a pot pourri of trash organizations like the Ahraar Al-Shaam and Jund Al-Shaam.   So far, 28 rodents have been counted dead with an expected 40 more to be listed shortly.


Khaan Al-‘Asal:  The terrorists in this area are on the point of starvation with no hope for resupply.  Their tenacity is quite remarkable since they are fighting for absolutely nothing.  SAA fought an ongoing battle with them and there are no details.


Handaraat Camp:  2 pickups with 23mm cannons destroyed in this crucial area yesterday.  Confirmed 11 rats dead.


‘Anadaan:  A pack of terrorists loaded with arms from Turkey were bogged down in a firefight with the SAA and NDF.  A confirmed 4 were lying dead as the rest of the pack squirreled back into the town to await certain death.  No names.


Hanaanu:  5 vehicles, 2 of which were flatbeds with 23mm cannons, were destroyed by both SAA and SAAF.  This battle is lining up to be absolutely crucial as the Nusra is pouring everything it has in order to keep it.  I have no rat-stats.


Ma’aarat Al-Arteeq:  Another 2 pickups with 23mm cannons were destroyed.  No details.


Al-Muslimiyya:  Fighting here shows the terrorists are breaking with news of dissension occasioned by battles with ISIS and leadership conflicts.


Kasskees:  Fighting with no details.


Battles reported here: Kuwayris, Bishqaateen, Al-Mansoora, Qaraassi, Al-Wudhayhi, Hayyaan, Kafr Naahaa, Daarat ‘Izza, Khanaasser area, Awram, Karm Al-Jabal, Kafr Daa’el.


Al-Sukkari Quarter, Al-Jaabiriyya, Al-Raashideen in the City all saw some skirmishing.  As hard as it may be to believe, the terrorists are changing their attitudes.  Libyans are leaving if they can by way of Turkey so they can contribute to their own country’s implosion and rampant anarchy.  Tunisians are getting the message too, and are trying to go back to their homes.  Once of the things that has apparently spooked them was the unceasing hostility of the local population.


Layramoon:  This one is on the verge.  My prediction about this area flopped, but, only by a few days or weeks. It has to fall because the SAA has artillery control over all the pathways into the suburb.  There are negotiations going on to surrender the area to the SAA.  Whether these will pan out or not is not known.

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