Umm Sharshooh:  A 23mm cannon atop a Toyoto pickup was destroyed and all 3 rats in it sent to the Sitz bath in Hell:

  • `Aadam Bayrooni
  • Muhammad Abu-Naasser
  • Hussayn Hussayn (Hello. Hello.)


Umm Sharshooh:  (July 30, 2014) SAA attacked a roving pack of vermin in side a van and killed all 4.  Burned beyond recognition.



Taldu in the Al-Naassiriyya Quarter:  SAA surrounded a pack of rats and killed 2 of them.  The others managed to slither away in tunnels that were subsequently destroyed.


Al-‘Aamiriyya:  Fighting with no details.


East Salaam:  ISIS took a hit here by losing 8 of its finest and fattest rodents.  ISIS vermin rarely carry valid identification.


Ruhoom:  An attempted infiltration by inept Islamist baboons was repelled and all 12 apes dispatched to Mephisto’s boucherie.  No names.



Palmyra:  Just north of Oil Well 105, the SAAF killed a group of ISIS rodents.  Nobody around to county the carcasses.


Warehouse north of Jabal Al-Shaa’er:  No details about an SAAF strafing.


Umm Sahreej and ‘Arshoona:  Fighting with no details.


East Duway’er: Near Jubb Al-Jarraah, SAA arrested 15 ISIS rats skulking around looking for booty.


Khirbat Al-Jaami’:  North of ‘Aqrab, an attempted infiltration in the direction of Al-Hoolaa netted 5 terrorists belonging to the Nusra group.  No names.

  • Issaam Abdul-Jabbaar
  • Muhammad Humayyid

The other 3 were not named.


Between Ghajar and Keeseen:  Skirmishing with no details.


Qasr Al-Sharkasi in Al-Rastan:  Fighting.  SAA scored a nice hit by killing 6 Nusra terrorists.


Fighting reported here:  West Salaam, ‘Ayn Hussayn, Al-Sa’an, Waadi Hisyaan in Al-Hasyaa` area, Al-Rastan at the Haleema Al-Sa’diyya School, North of Al-Ballaan, Kafr Laahaa, Taldu.



استهداف رتل سيارات للإرهابيين في مغر المير.. والقضاء على عدد منهم في جرود القلمون

Fighting in Nahla, Al-Buwaydhi, Nayrab Youth Camp, Qar’ Al-Ghazaal, Al-Hameediyya, Abu Dhuhoor area, Nahlayyaa.



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