At the 2 villages of Maryamayn (The Two Marys) and Al-Shaniyya, the SAA laid waste to a group of rodents belonging to the ‘Umar Ibn Al-Khattaab Brigade (yawn. ‘Umar was the Second Righteously Guided Caliph) after their failed attempt to relocate to these villages.  The rats were led by the very dead:

‘Ammaar Mustafaa  (leader and known pervert)

Ahmad Ismaa’eel

Ghiyaath Zahr Al-Sagheer

Faadi ‘Umraan

Anwar Qa’ood

Muhammad ‘Adnaan Ibraaheem

Muhammad Ahmad Al-Jazzaar

Ahmad Tammaam Al-Sayyid ‘Abdullah

‘Abdul-Qaader Kharmash

Another 5 were taken prisoner and are warbling insistently.  The total count of dead rodents is 28, mostly foreigners.


Umm Sharshooh:  (August 28, 2014) Under control of SAA.  Rats tried to infiltrate back into the area but were repulsed by alert NDF and SAA.  41 carcasses counted so far.  Wael cannot get a list of dead because most were foreigners carrying fake papers stolen from Syrian refugees in Lebanon.


Al-Wa’er:  Negotiations continuing despite efforts to derail them by foreign militant retardates.  There may be battles soon between the terrorists over the issue of turning the suburb over to its inhabitants.


‘Ayn Hussayn:  An attempted encroachment into Al-Mushrifa in the Talbeesa area was thwarted with 2 rodent trucks carrying drugs, weapons and ammunition completely destroyed by SAA.  All 13 rodents were killed.  All were foreign.


Fighting reported intense in these areas: Kafr Laahaa, Taldu, Tal Dahab, Al-Sukhna/Palmyra Road, Al-Shaykh Ibraaheem Properties, ‘Arshoona, East Salaam, Al-Sama’leel, Burj Qaa’iy, ‘Aqrab, Al-Faaw Shaaweesh, Al-Rastan 



We reported two days ago a major attack by SAA on ISIS at the village of Mu-Hassan (It means “no good”) in which Sukkar Abu Nidhaal was killed.  What we did not know at the time, was that he was killed at a meeting of ISIS leaders meeting in a house.  When SAA artillery descended on him, there were over 10 major leaders of ISIS inside.  The group called itself the Al-Hay`at Al-Shar’iyya (Canonically Legal Committee) of the Ghurfat ‘Amaliyyaat Tahreer Mataar Dayr El-Zor (Operations Room for the Liberation of the Dayr El-Zor Airbase).  Others killed in the operation to be added:

‘Ali Ibraaheem ‘Abdullah

Sukkar Al-Ahmad



Ma’arrat Al-Nu’maan:  An armored truck with weapons and ammunition was destroyed on August 25, 2014 by SAA.  The explosion was very loud and could be heard for miles.  All 3 occupants’ body parts were roasted beyond recognition.


Saraaqeb:  A pickup with 23mm cannon was destroyed.  All passengers were Turks.


Areehaa and Al-Akraad Roundabout:  Fighting with no details.



Pat Buchanan, always the wisest, tells Americans about Hillary Clinton, ISIS and the wretched Erdoghani Turks:

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