Ziad is out of town, so I will be posting updates frequently.

The Syrian Arab Army, backed by the NDF and YPG, have forced the Islamic State to completely retreat east of Brigade 121 in Al-Hasakah. 33 confirmed terrorists were killed and many more wounded. The Syrian Arab Republic flag is flying high at Brigade 121 today.

Meanwhile, south of Division 17, Hind Helicopters from the Syrian Air Force bombarded a terrorist convoy on the way to the Officers Barracks. No further details at the moment.

I received confirmation that Brigadier General Suleiman Dhaher – the commander of Division 17 Base – is alive and well. ISIS sources have now been exposed for their fallacies once again.

Update from the Qalamoun Mountains:

Syrian Arab Army has killed a confirmed 155 terrorists on the way to the Lebanese border in the Qalamoun Mountain area.




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