Leith sends this elegant photo depicting a typical ISIS rat (the one with the Prada glasses and plastic field knife riding the Shetland pony).  This was probably taken in Iraq’s Mosul area.  God only knows what this vermin smells like.  Camembert? 



Most fighting reported now in the east with the SAA and SAAF swatting the ISIS flies down in large numbers.  At Maksar Al-Hissaan, there was an attempted infiltration from ‘Unq Al-Hawaa and Ruhoom which failed miserably.  There is no question that ISIS is made up of mostly foreigners, many of whom used to work for Nusra, but, changed stripes and opted out for the group with the most bombastic style (see photo at the top).


Muraan Village, Al-Kooz Mountain, Al-Za’faraana, ‘Ayn Hussayn, Al-Sama’leel, all saw fighting with more and more ISIS garbage leaving the area with little to show for their rapaciousness.  It’s almost over.




Hama/Maharda Road:  An attempted assault on another SAA checkpoint between Al-Sheer and Al-Majdal went awry when the SAA had the audacity to fire back at the rodents.  According to Wa’el, the SAA officer in charge of the unit expressed befuddlement at the way the rat operation was carried out.  They used an armor-plated vehicle with a Syrian license plate from Der’ah.  They belonged to some pack calling itself “Kateebat Dir’ Al-Mustafaa” (Shield of the Mustafaa Brigade. Yawn. Al-Mustafaa is an epithet for the Messenger Muhammad).  19 rodent carcasses counted, only 6 of whom were confirmed as Syrians.  5 taken prisoner:

  • “Abu Fareeda” (Id pending. Leader and chief rodent)
  • Fawwaaz Hamaama
  • Bilaal Fayyaadh
  • Mahmoud Kharmasha
  • Mahmoud Dallool
  • Najeeb Majdeddeen




Al-Bayt Al-Seeni (The Chinese House. Almost sounds like a possible John Le Carre novel).  7 confirmed rat kills and 2 taken prisoner.  This locale is in the Jabal Al-Arba’een area which is completely controlled by SAA.


Heavy fighting reported in the Al-Mustareeha and Tal Al-Lawz area just north of the Abu Dhuhoor Airbase which is off limits to rodents.  I am receiving reports that the SAAF has literally brought the fires of Hell down on the attacking filth.  The number dead here may reach 100+.  We are awaiting further reports.


Fighting here:  Qumaynaas, Saraaqeb, Tal Ghazaal in the Qirsaayaa area.



John Esquire sends these nice articles and videos:

300 and more rodents surrender in the Tartous area:


Watch the battles inside Daarayyaa.  Note our hero, Hussayn Murtadhaa, is in it:


More on the Malaysian aircraft and Ukraine:


Sharmine Narwaani sends this article about Dutch attitudes changing on Kiev’s government:


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