تدمير سيارة محملة بالأسلحة والذخيرة بمن فيها من إرهابيين على طريق الناصرية جيرود



Mantaf:  CONFIRMED! 73 TERRORISTS KILLED IN A MAJOR BATTLE HERE LAST NIGHT.  The majority were foreigners originating in Turkey.  Prisoners have already implicated Erdoghan’s MIT and Saudi Arabia in both training, financing and facilitating terror in Syria.  We can confirm that 17 leaders of the JABHA AL-ISLAMIYYA were killed in the operation and that 14 pickups with 23mm cannons were destroyed.  This is a major defeat for Saudi-monkey supported rodents and a slap in the face to Erdoghan whose MIT has proven itself to be nothing more than a second-rate Keystone Cops organization.


Qumaynaas:  39 carcasses counted after both an SAAF strafing and SAA infantry assault on this area which is about to fall into the hands of the SAA.  SAA sappers discovered and destroyed 5 M-D landmines and 8 IEDs which weighed about 20-30 kgs apiece.  Another disaster for the MERS-carrying Saudi hogs.



ISIS RAT LEADER SLAUGHTERED IN QALAMOON BY THE SAA.  This Palesteezian فلسطيزي rodent was put down like so much vermin after the SAA targeted him commanding a group of fellow swine belonging to ISIS.  HIs nom de guerre was “Abu Hassan Al-Filasteeni” (Id pending).  Here’s a photo of the scum:


As a note, he is one of the first terrorists to attack Lebanese troops in ‘Arsaal after the arrest of litter-mate and Nusra leader ‘Imaad Ahmad Jum’ah.


Khaan Al-Shaykh3 battles fought yesterday at the following: Fusool Al-Arba’ah St. (4 Seasons), Al-Basheer Street, Nestle and Pharmaceutical Factories.   Increasing evidence that losses of leadership have hobbled the terrorists in the areas south of Damascus.  This is coupled with evidence that Zahraan ‘Alloosh is about to be either assassinated or neutralized because of an effort to join his group with Ahraar Al-Shaam, another failed organization.


Magharr Al-Meer, the Liquor Store and Al-Naabulusi Farms: Skirmishing with no details.


Jawbar:  At the Teachers’ Tower, the SAA hauled in some major equipment from the terrorists, some heavy artillery and anti-aircraft guns.  Never used.  They will be given to the NDF for killing Wahhabist rat-monkeys.


Al-Shifooniyya in Doumaa:  ‘Alloosh being hunted down.  Yesterday, the SAA killed 9 of his rats in a firefight.


Al-Maleeha Farms: Large amount of ammunition confiscated from Jaysh Al-Islam group.  3 killed.


Waadi ‘Ayn Turmaa:  More weapons and ammunition seized from Jaysh Al-Islam, a now demoralized and ineffective group of criminals and vermin.


Al-Naasiriyya Road northeast of Damascus at Al-Malaaha Junction, a van loaded with weapons and ammunition was waylaid by NDF and destroyed.  All rodents inside were killed:

  • Adham Al-Yusuf
  • Sa’ood Naafi’
  • Yahyaa Shaykh-Saaleh

Another 2 could not be identified.

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