عمليات مركزة توقع عشرات الإرهابيين قتلى في الزبداني وعدرا والمليحة وجبال القلمون

Al-Maleeha:  East of the Rubber Factory and in the area of Tamico Pharmaceutical Complex, the SAA reduced the number of rodents scurrying around be this:

  • Zaki Wardaan
  • Muhammad Tayjoon
  • `Aassef Khawaaja
  • ‘Abdul-Rahmaan Al-Deeraani

Another 3 could not be identified.


Al-Shifooniyya:  (Le Chiffoniere), several nests with rats inside were cleared out to the delight of Damascenes.  Weapons of various kinds were seized for use in killing Qataris and other forms of feral apes:

  • Ma`moon Fidya
  • ‘Abdul-Salaam Shammaaliyya
  • Haatem Sibaahiyya
  • Khaleel ‘Awda
  • Saami Suwaydaan

Another 2 could not be identified.


Jawbar:  At the Central Corniche and east of the Al-Manaasher Roundabout, SAA killed 7 vermin one of whom was identified as:

Abu ‘Umar Al-Haashimi (Id pending.  Leader)


‘Adraa Workers’ Residencies:  Near the SyriaTel Towers, the Jabhat Al-Islam took a hard right hook when it lost these rodents:

  • Salaah Sammood
  • ‘Abdul-Qaader Al-Husayni


Al-Zabadaani:  In the west neighborhood, several terrorists killed or wounded by NDF:

  • Muhammad ‘Awwaad
  • Khaaled Al-Dhibba


Al-Khuraaba on the road to Zaakiya/Khaan Al-Shaykh:  A van, a microbus, a car and 2 motorcycles were put to the torch by alert SAA infantrymen.  The number dead is 8 with 8 taken prisoner.


Al-‘Awja:  Skirmishing with no details.




A large number of rodents belonging to 2 terrorist groups affiliated with the Turk-sponsored Nusra group, one based in Al-Mastooma and the other in Fayloon Village, fought it out to the death just a few hours ago.  Wounded rats could be seen heading for Turk hospitals.  Of the dead, the SAA sent these names in:

  • Faadi Karraam
  • Mustafaa Ibraaheem Al-Qaddoor
  • ‘Afeef Ahmad Ta’muri
  • ‘Abdul-Wadood Al-Jaassem

No more details.


Bazza Farms:  Confirmed 6 rodents slain by SAA.  No names.


Tal-Al-Dhahab:  In the Jisr Al-Shughoor area, 13 skunks killed and 24 wounded, almost all foreign as they were moving in 2 large vans with 8 motorcycles.  No names.


Sarmeen and Kooreen:  We are delighted to report the departure of 35 rodents from this area to the nether world after the SAAF struck them hard.  I have no details about this developing story.


Fighting reported here:  Kafr Roomaa, Jabal Al-Arba’een area, Al-Raami, Binnish, ‘Arab Sa’eed, Barroomaa, Qumaynaas, Dayr Sunbul, Taftanaaz.  


QUNAYTRA:  The Southern Front continues to look like its going further south.  Led by incompetent former SAA officer, ‘Abdul-Ilaah Al-Basheer, it continues to rack up failure after failure:


Rasm Al-Shoolaa: A brigade of Zionist traitors came in and left just as quickly.  I guess they didn’t expect any resistance.


These areas all saw miserable performances by the Golan’s rats: Al-Qantara Dam, Al-Qahtaaniyya, Burayqa, Bi`r Al-‘Ajam, Bayt Kurdi 


Al-‘Ajraf Village:  SAA killed more Zionist rats.


West Al-Samdaaniyya:  More rats go down the dumbwaiter to Hell’s Kitchen.

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