“My brothers, all the men of our courageous armed forces; I salute you all of you, officers, non-commissioned officers,  individuals and civilian employees – I give you the salute of glory, pride, love and appreciation, while you continue to offer up the loftiest ideal in giving, self-sacrifice and loyalty to our precious homeland, Syria.

“I am delighted to present to you the best hopes and the most ardent of congratulations on the occasion of the 69th anniversary of the founding of the Syrian Arab Army as a school for virility, values, valor and pride.  (It is an army) that gave assurances, since the first instance of its establishment, that it was the impenetrable shield of the nation, the protector of its rights.  (It was the one who) defended (the country’s) national pride and honor….the defender of its self-worth and majesty in the face of every invader or aggressor.  Until this day, the army proves it is deserving of the confidence with which the sons of this nation and its most honorable personages have entrusted to it in defending security and stability, guaranteeing the present and the future, defending the soil and dignity…preserving right and exalting its banner.

“Oh you fortunate men….you still go into battle each day for the defense of the homeland, destroying the columns of terrorism which cross our borders.  You annihilate the dreams of their masters and their supporters with your heroism, your sacrifices.  You extend your bodies, as though a bridge,  so that the homeland can cross into the soil of peace.  You draw with the greatness of your feats and the nobility of your beneficence the portrait of towering pride and victory in the war for national sovereignty and dignity.  You inscribe with the richness of  your blood pages of honor in the modern history of Syria, so redolent with the fragrance of glory and pride that it shall remain displayed before the coming generations to sharpen the will, to motivate high ambition and stand as a paradigm, as an example of self-sacrifice and munificence.

“So, congratulations to you.  This is the trust of the sons of the nation who traded faithfulness for faithfulness and who stood next to you in one row inside the trench defending the homeland…rejecting every kind of subordination and servitude desired by those outside – clinging to their independent patriotic decision….expressing their free will and legitimate right in deciding their own destiny and building their own future…building their renewed, efflorescing nation which widens (e.g. her heart) for all her sons who jealously guard her interests.

We salute the sons of this lofty-minded, stalwart people whilst they accompany their ideological army in its march…supporting it and its firm will in confronting Takfiri terrorism…to eliminate its instrumentalities by whatever names they are called….carrying out, step by certain step, the realization of victory, the restoration of security and stability to every inch of our beloved homeland’s soil.

Oh sons of our courageous armed forces; our battle with terrorism is an existential one, a battle of destiny.  There is no opportunity here for indifference or truce.  Today, we are determined, more than in any other time passed, to persevere in our stalwartness in the face of terrorist and imperialist schemes for sedition and partitioning which target Syria and the entire area in the service of the Zionist enemy who most benefits from all the anarchy and terrorism happening now.

Because  we in Syria reject bargaining away our causes or neglecting our rights, we promised ourselves that we would never deviate from our principles and that we would cleave to our path (nahj).  There will be no concession when it comes to the demand for justice… back-peddling when it comes to defending the homeland….no matter the hardships and the conspiracies which only increase our strength and stubbornness.

Oh you warrior brothers!  A second time I salute you during this, your esteemed anniversary…the anniversary of the Syrian Arab Army.  I highly appreciate your efforts which you exert in carrying out your noble tasks.  I also value your commitment to your patriotic duty with which you were charged in the defense of the homeland’s security and the safeguarding of its sons’ future.  So, be as you always were in the highest opinion (of others), blessed men who charge into the tumultuous fields of battle – not timorously – or fearfully – sparing no effort – as sacrifice for the soil of our beloved homeland.

A salute of Honor and Highest Respect to the souls of our devoted Martyrs, the repositories of Honor, Dignity and Pride and to the wounded in our army..  A salute to every mother who offered up a martyr, for she is an exemplar of sacrifice and giving….. and (a salute) to every family of a martyr.  A salute to you as you continue to pour out your sweat and blood and shore up the walls of the homeland with your bodies.  And to your honorable families who follow your efforts, moment by moment, and sustain with you the burdens and adversities…..

A salute to our stalwart and proud people who suffer their wounds and bring life to a rejuvenated nation.

May peace, the mercy of Allah and His blessings be upon you.


Translation by Ziad Amin Abu-Fadel, Esquire, Michigan Supreme Court certified interpreter for Arabic/English.  Editor of Syrian Perspective.

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