In this exclusive photo taken by an agent of SyrPer at the meeting in Raam Hamdaan where Abu ‘Abdullah Al-Hamawi was seated, you can see him in his new incarnation, as vapor heading south to greet his father, Beelzebub.


IBLIB: This just in, the terrorist leader of Ahraar Al-Shaam (Free Men of Syria, yawn), Abu ‘Abdullah Al-Hamawi, has been confirmed blown to smithereens by another terrorist working for ISIS at the town of Raam Hamdaan.  He detonated his belt right next to his fellow criminal while attending a meeting of the top leadership of the organization.  We can’t tell how delighted we are that this character is now joining fellow rats in the hot interstices of the swine-mucous-slathered walls of Hades.  What great news.  Ziad is off to his favorite watering hole to celebrate.  Good show, ISIS!  Obama is now really upset.  Good riddance to bad rubbish. ZAF

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