The City:  Over 1,000 men, formerly rodents, have surrendered to the security services and have received amnesty in a phenomenon which is becoming increasingly prevalent all over Syria.  These former terrorists now see that they have subjected their country to the lying and the scheming of Saudi rat-apes and their terrorist allies.  Many have volunteered for the National Defense Forces, but, will have to be vetted first.  The entire ceremony was attended by Syria’s Grand Mufti, Ahmad Badreddeen Hassoon. He traveled without incident by car from Damascus to Der’ah.  The Southern Front is a joke floated by trolls and terrorists.


Khirbat Al-Teera:  An armor-plated truck in Nawaa was put to flames by a Kornet missile.  The driver was incinerated.


City: West of the Al-Khaleel Mosque, south of the Yarmouk School, the NDF killed 4 crawling vermin.  No names.


Al-Yaadoodaa Road west of the hatcheries:  Fighting with little detail.


Khuraab Al-Shahm/Al-Yaadoodaa:  SAA killed these traitors:

Usaamaa Habeeb

Badee’ ‘Abdul-Malik

‘Ali Husayniyyaat

Another 6 could not be identified and are deemed foreign.


City: Abu Hurayra Mosque, a convoy around the Naaziheen Camp is now twisted metal and fertilizer.  The SAAF struck hard here with pinpoint precision. Monzer writes that 25 rats dot the countryside.  No rat survived.


City:  September 6, 2014.  South of the Al-‘Abbaasiyyeen Bakery, a convoy of cars and trucks was ordered to stop.  It didn’t.  A firefight ensued and all vehicles were disabled with 14 rats killed and the same number taken prisoner or wounded.  They were trying to leave the city in an attempt to regroup near the Jordanian border.


City: Al-Arba’een Quarter:  2 terrorists surrendered here.  No names.


City:  Al-‘Umari Mosque.  A convoy of 6 cars was annihilated.  The carcass count was 15.


‘Itmaan:  A bulldozer used to make fortifications was disabled by SAA gunners and a pickup with 23mm cannon was destroyed:

Sayf Saalem Al-Shammari

Mu’aadh Hilaal Abu-Al-‘Aynayn

Muhammad ‘Attoof

Khaaled Al-‘Alyawi


 Khuraab Al-Shahm:  A vehicle with a launcher and another carrying a mortar were destroyed.


Tafass:  A convoy heading for safety in Jordan was met by the SAAF and destroyed.  I have no details.


Skirmishing reported here:  Al-Yaadoodaa/’Itmaan Road, ‘Itmaan Dam, ‘Itmaan northern margin, Tal Al-Mahss west of the silos, Inkhil, Al-Shaykh Sa’ad, Kafr Shams, Khirbat Al-Maleeha, West Al-Ghaariyya, Al-Thurayyaa/Inkhil Junction, Jadal, Simleen, Al-Sahwa.




Penny discusses the “fox in the henhouse” scenario SyrPer has been telling its readers since day one:

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