عمليات مركزة تقضي على متزعمي الجماعات الإرهابية في تلبيسة والرستن

Gee, with Nusra now joining FSA in the Golan, what’s a righteous Zionist to do?  After all, even the United States supports the illustrious Commander of the Faithful, the Sergeant with a Smile, ‘Abdul-Ilaah Al-Basheer.  Right?  But, what happens when the United States, which vowed to strike at ISIS and Nusra finds itself at odds with the the Zionist establishment in Washington D.C. over the cementing relation between the FSA and Al-Qaeda ?  Mmmm.  “What a tangled web we weave when we first practice to deceive”.


‘Adraa Residential farmlands:  Yemeni and Jordanian degenerates were the order of the day.  All belonged to the almost non-existent Jabhat Al-Islamiyya.  Their names will be sent later.  Monzer says one of the Yemenis was blown into 20 pieces of fertilizer although his “jambiyya” was unscratched.  Monzer says he’ll keep it for me if he can get it.  Nyuk.


‘Adraa rural area toward Tal-Kurdi, the remnant vermin of the Jabhat Al-Islamiyya took a really big hit from SAAF and SAA artillery in an open area in which no citizens were situated.  14 counted carcasses.  No ids made.


 الجيش السوري يستهدف أوكاراً لـ

A Republican Guard officer takes a gander at rats playing peek-a-boo with SAA snipers


Adraa Town to the southwest:  SAA capturing and killing scores of hyenas belonging to Nusra as they try to exfiltrate out of this rather inhospitable environment:

  • Muhammad Al-Naml (The Ant.  He was last seen in the movie “Them”)
  • Khaaled Mustafaa
  • Khayrallah Al-Shaater
  • Muhammad Hamad
  • ‘Imaad Kiswaani


‘Adraa Town:  At the Al-Inshaa`aat Buildings and east of Tal Sawwaan.  Fighting with no details.


Daarayyaa:  Near the Sukayna (var: Ruqayyaa) Shrine, 2 skunks were skunked by SAA:

  • Saaber Rajjooh
  • Muhssin Taweel


Al-‘Ibb Farms, Al-‘Aaliya Farms in Doumaa:  This is ‘AllooshLand:

  • Muhammad Khaaled Al-Mukabtal
  • Baasil Al-Wazeer
  • Ghiyaath Al-Beetaar


Jawbar:   The evidence all points to a major push coming in the next few days to devastate the remaining foreign rats inside this area.  Fighting is intense and unrelenting as the SAA will not give the terrorists any breathing space.  Because they are overwhelmingly foreign, they are not eligible for Amnesty.  They are eligible for a quick trip to Hades.  Yesterday, at the Al-Manshiyya Roundabout, the SAA killed these mostly Yemeni, Tunisian and Jordanian rodents:

  • Muhammad Al-Barghooth
  • Jameel Al-Zayn
  • Khamees Al-Hoori
  • ‘Issaam Kharbasha
  • Ismaa’eel Al-Masri

The remaining 17 were all foreigners from the countries listed above.


‘Irbeen:  Near the ‘Ali bin Abi Taalib Mosque, 8 rats confirmed killed.  No names.


Harastaa:  3 rats at the Secondary Roundabout:

  • ‘Abdul-Wahhaab Wahba
  • Muhammad Al-Khuraysha
  • Taaleb Jum’ah


Hammooriyya Town:

One lonely Jordanian snake died a lonely death after he tried hand-to-hand combat with an SAA infantryman and 8 others in the platoon.  Nobody ever said Jordanians weren’t courageous idiots:



Waadi ‘Ayn Turmaa:  About to fall any day now.

Shaadi Al-‘Irq-Soosi (Soos is a delicious, healthy drink which looks like flat root beer.  His name indicates ancestry tied to the cultivation and manufacture of licorice root tonic.  He will not be sorely missed)

  • ‘Aamer Al-Najjaar
  • Muhammad Saadiqa

Al-Dukhkhaaniyya:  Fighting with no details.


AL-QALAMOON: This is becoming a Turkey-Shoot.  Rats from Lebanon, mostly Nusra and ISIS, keep trying to return to this area using well-known smuggling routes which are under 24/7 watchful eye of everybody linked to the Syrian government, not to mention citizens who are squealing on the rats whenever they’re spotted.


Waadi Meera in the area of Qaarra:

  • Muhammad Al-Badawi
  • Muhammad Al-Khateeb
  • Adham Hoori
  • Ahmad Hiddi


‘Assaal Al-Ward foothills:  An attempted encroachment by rats into Al-Jibba just resulted in the springing of an SAA trap.  36 counted Nusra vermin with the destruction of a pickup armed with a 23mm cannon.  This is a continuing battle with the SAA crushing the remnant rodents under a massive hail of artillery.


Al-Zabadaani:  At the Radio Station Quarter:

  • Mahmoud Hamdaan
  • Wadee’ Al-Ba’albaki
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Thanks Ziad, good news!

Level 8 - Legatus Legionis

Qalamoun is a successful story indeed, glad rats are being blocked to get into further inland in Syria. Heard a deal was offered in Zabadaani for the syrian rats to deliver the foreign rats to the authorities in exchange of reconciliation, I wonder how is the current relationship among the rats now with this deal on the table. Though not estrategic, Zabadaani atracts rats from Lebanon and another door closed will be simply wonderful. Looking forward to see gains in Adraa reflecting in Douma, hard to be patient now that Ghoua is so close to be rat free. Tks for… Read more »