JAWBAR:  It’s approaching endgame now. The SAA has confirmed entry into the deep center of Jawbar leaving in its wake hundreds of rat carcasses belonging to a myriad terrorist organizations funded and armed by Obama & Co..  During the assault on the central area of Jawbar, the SAA dismantled IEDs deployed to delay its advance, confiscated mortars and rockets, locally-manufactured missiles and satellite communications gear.

Muhammad Al-Hayya (A snake in the grass)

Faysal Mukarram

‘Udayy Muhammad

‘Abdul-Salaam Haleema

Ra`faat Mishlaawi

Jihaad Khibya (A family almost extinct)

Saleem Rahma

Deeb Al-Shahroor

Faa`eq Salaama

Mustafaa ‘Isaam Jallaad

Another 49 were deemed foreigners and the papers they were carrying were suspicious.


Al-Zabadaani at the Radio Station Quarter:  These were killed a few hours ago:

Khaaled Shabbaan

Naasser Mansoor

Firaas Al-Dalaati

Yusuf Al-Maghribi


Khaan Al-Shaykh:  Expect great news in a few days.  Another miserable attempt to escape certain death met certain death when an SAA platoon caught more rats trying to reach the Al-Salaam Highway from the Four Seasons and Al-Zuhoor Avenues.  18 dead and 6 taken prisoner.  No names.


Aaliya Farms:  We are all waiting for the big news.  No.  Zahraan ‘Alloosh is still at large.  Yesterday, the SAA killed 3 of his lieutenants.  No names.

More fighting here:  Sa’sa’, Al-Najaar Farms, ‘Arrat Zaakiya, Al-Husayniyya.


Zamalkaa:  Many weapons and ammunition seized by NDF for use in killing Wahhabists.  No details.


‘Irbeen:  Ditto.


الجيش السوري يدمر سيارات للإرهابيين قادمة من الحدود الأردنية باتجاه ريف درعا


JAWBAR FIGHTING:  Here is a scene from Rat-Hell:  (Thanks, G-Mail)


تفكيك عشر عبوات ناسفة.. وتدمير 3 عربات مصفحة للإرهابيين في ريف إدلب
Waadi ‘Ayn Turmaa:  Weapons and ammo seized.  It appears more and more like rats are abandoning their Satanic cause and deserting their comrades in order to slip away to their home towns.


Assaal Al-Ward and Ra`s Al-Ma’arra in the Qalamoon on the Lebanese border:  What we told you is true.  The rats of both Nusra and ISIS are pushing to return against all odds.  Yesterday, the SAAF strafed this area and killed over 20 rats.  No details available.





A new website promises to be informative and thoughtful.  Here’s one about the not-so-stealthy U.S. attempt to reinvade Iraq.  I wrote about this 2 weeks ago if you remember:

If you think ISIS is nuts, get a load of the U.S.:

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