Hutaytat Al-Jarash has been liberated by the SAA.  Carcasses of Libyans and Saudis dot the landscape.  It is amazing how few Syrians were defending this area.  At the Al-Ghadaq Food Processing Factory, which was stripped and destroyed by the foreign rodents supplied and funded by Saudi Arabia and Qatar, the Syrian Army expanded its control to an area 2 square miles in depth extending to the Carton Production Mill 2 km from Jisreen.  The number of terrorists killed here exceeds 60 but I have not received names as the area is being assessed by security personnel.

The word “Jarash” often reminds people of the ancient city of Jarash south of this one in what today is called Jordan, a mini-state carved out of Natural Syria by the stinking English and given to the Hashemite family of weasels as a consolation prize for their losing Arabia.  In the ancient language of Syria, Aramaic, Jarash would mean a mill for grinding grain.  The Romans, who lacked the letter “j” would transpose the “g” for it/ and for the “sh” which Latin did not have, they used the letter “s”.  The result was “Gerasa”.  It’s quite a magnificent site, not as large as Palmyra, but striking nevertheless.   It was known that the Roman Emperor Trajan, a Spanish born emperor of Italic origin, liked to spend his summers here.  Probably reminded him of the Andalus.


Dayr Al-‘Asaafeer:  Nearby. “Dayr” means monastery, so, you can tell this town has a Christian origin.  The SAA was not so Christian yesterday as it bombed rat positions relentlessly during the day while snipers continued picking out slithering rodents during the night.  The SAA intends to wear out the starving rats before a big push inside the area.  SyrPe predicts its complete liberation within the next 5 days.  It’s slow going, but, inevitable.


Jawbar:  To the south and north sides of the inhabited areas, the SAA has made remarkable advances as it fanned out from the town center.  The SAA has discovered over a hundred tunnels which the rats used to store equipment, conduct half-baked medical procedures, move from place to place and get their daily fixes of Captagon and heroin.  The SAA killed these yesterday:


Muhammad Al-Shibl (LIBYAN COCKROACH)



SANA reporter, Shaheeda ‘Ajeeb, calmly distracts another SAA soldier in Hutaytat Al-Jarash in order to ask him about his favorite hobbies.


Khaan Al-Shaykh:  Heavy fighting continues here.  It is reported the president wants this town liberated before the end of September.  At the Avenue of the Villas and Al-Sa’eed Boulevard, 3 nests of Nusra and JI rats were uncovered and destroyed.  In the process, 3 pickups with 23mm machine guns were vaporized on Al-Basheer Avenue.

‘Abdul-‘Aleem Al-Dawsari (SAUDI ARABIAN APE PIMP)

Muhsin Al-‘Ali

Nizaar Al-Hajjaan

Another 11 were not identified.


Zibdeen: Fighting intensifying on a daily basis as more equipment is being brought into the battle by the Republican Guards whose primary bailiwick is the Damascus area.  In a conversation with a friend who just returned from Lebanon after visiting family in Damascus, I learned that the morale of the SAA is sky-high and that there is little respect for the enemy’s abilities to adjust or to modify worn out tactics.  The SAA has now mastered all aspects of dealing with the terrorist rats from intercepting their communications, to plotting their likely actions, to determining their sleep patterns and to “turning” members in order to obtain precious information.  The SAA has been very secretive about the new technology and, for that reason, we will not discuss it either.


Fighting reported here: Waadi ‘Ayn Turmaa, Al-Nishaabiyya Farms,  Kafr Batnaa, Husayniyya Farms.


The situation on the Lebanese border is of particular interest to us.  We are concerned that the Lebanese Army is not capable of bringing the rat infestation to a close in any appreciable time.  We are also concerned that the need to deal with the rodents will bring Hizbollah deeper into the conflict with some negative impact on the “Confrontation Front” which includes Syria, Iran, some Palestinian groups and, of course, Hizbollah.  Moreover, we don’t want this conflict to take on an even more sectarian character by having Shi’is forced to fight Sunnis in a war the latter will lose eventually.  In any case, yesterday, at Al-Mushrifa and Ra`s Al-Ma’arra in the Qalamoon, the SAA battered slinking vermin as they tried to move back into Syria from Lebanon.  The Air Force has been most active in detecting the movements of the rats, not to mention the fact that the SAA has penetrated the ranks of both ISIS and Nusra.



If you think Danny the Syrian was bad, get a load of this:

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Amazing how the liberation of Al Mahila unlocked the full liberation of east Ghouta, keep it up SAA.

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Gugl Suks

Dirty zionist pigs planing a new war. I hope they got their ass kicked.