The cockroaches of Der’ah appear listless and demoralized.  Witness the complete lack of vigor in carrying even the simplest of terrorist tasks.  With great ease the SAA has now cut off totally the supply line between Der’ah City and Al-Yaadoodaa with the SAA now a mere 1,300 meters from the confluence of Al-Yaadoodaa/Al-Muayreeb/Kharaab Al-Shahm.  Surely this was not the American plan designed by the fertilizer merchants of Dhab’ah or Al-Mafraq.


Tal Al-Jaabiya:  2 days ago, the SAA turned a van loaded with rats into a tv dinner.  An infantryman fired an RPG and toasted the entire pack of rats.  They belonged to Nusra.  No names have been released.


Al-Manshiyya Quarter in the City:  At the southeast margin, 15 rats were sped off to Belial’s Grill:

Zayn Hassan Al-Faayedh

Muhammad Daagher

Bilaal ‘Ali Al-Sayyid

The rest were all foreigners with invalid papers.


Jordan/Der’ah Road:  The SAA has completed its control over this route both with infantry and artillery.  We don’t recommend you use this highway unless you have some suicidal ideations.


Daa’el:  At the Cultural Center, a pack of rodents and its vehicles were put to flames.  11 were confirmed killed, 3 pickups destroyed with another armored truck ready for the junkyard.  No names.


Der’ah City: West of the water storage tower, a pickup was destroyed.  Lazy rodents were incinerated.  I have no details.


Simleen/Zimreen Junction:  A truck with rodents coming in from Jordan became a dutch oven when the SAA set it on fire.


Fighting reported here: West Al-Ghaariya, Northwest Al-Manaasher in the ‘Itmaan area, Al-Nu’ayma, Inkhil, Tal Al-Jumoo’, Nawaa, ‘Itmaan, Tallat Al-Badu, Tal Abu Al-Sanaasil.




My wife’s nephews are all back to work in Aleppo as the situation in Al-Shaykh Najaar and all industrial areas is going back to a semblance of normal.  Their factory was pillaged by Erdoghan’s thugs, but, they have a belief they can get it running again with government help.


syrian army

The Citadel:  Tunnels were discovered near this priceless monument and they were unceremoniously destroyed.  Happily, there were rats inside who were given the opportunity to come out and surrender.  They were all Chechens and preferred to be interred at this most impressive site.  And so it was.


Al-Sufayra:  SAA artillery destroyed a truck belonging to ISIS which was loaded with equipment.  No details.


Fighting reported here:  ‘Irbeed, Al-Baab (pickup destroyed), Al-Indhaaraat, Babinnis, Al-Khaalidiyya, Aghyoor, Maayer, Bustan Al-Qasr (23 foreigners killed), Salaahuddeen, Al-Zahraa`, Old City, Qaadhi ‘Askar, Khanaasser, Maari’, Umm Al-Quraa, Awram, Al-Saakhoor, Al-Ataareb, Layramoon, Abu Jabbaar, Al-Mansoora.




Taadef:  The SAAF and SAA set a trap for a convoy of ISIS trucks by first detonating a series of mines followed by swift strafing and infantry fire.  The SAA is now appraising the scene.  SyrPer can confirm the deaths of at least 70 rodents – most of whom are Turks and Iraqis.  They were sent in from Al-Raqqa across the Manbij Plain.




Enjoy this funny article about wagging the dog, Goebbels and outright lying:

A great read for those of you who believe a man can be rehabilitated by liars:

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