Whatever Robert Ford might tell the now defunct “opposition” to the Syrian government, the USA cannot stop the inexorable progress of the SAA in the Ghouta and Qalamoon – even Qunaytra.  New equipment furnished by Russia and new technology provided by ally Iran has made a huge difference in the results.


JAWBAR:  At the Hamaama Taxi Station, the SAA uncovered tunnels dug by the Al-Jabha Al-Islamiyya (The Islamic Front, yawn) and seized a large cache of weapons which will be redistributed to the NDF and ANG in order to kill more Wahhabists.  These microbes were killed yesterday:


‘Abdullah Al-‘Itq (DUNG FROM DUBAYY)

‘Umar Al-Shammaa’ (Light a candle for him in Hell)

Muhannad Darweesh

Muslim Abu Raabiyaa

Saleem Al-Rahhaal (He’s taking a long voyage to the River Styx)

Baassel Al-Naatoor (He’ll get a job guarding Satan’s vineyards)

Yusuf Al-Daaya

Ishaaq Ma’tooq

Another 4 could not be identified.


Al-‘Aaliya Farms in Doumaa:  More bad news for ‘Alloosh and the reconstituted Jaysh Al-Islam (The Army of Islam, yawn):

Ahmad Seessaan

‘Udayy Kubaysi (Carrying Iraqi papers.  Doubtful id because JI is almost all Syrian)

Khaleel ‘Abbaas

‘Abdul-Haadi Al-Soofi

Mu’tassem Al-Bakri

Query:  Is anybody left now in Al-‘Aaliya Farms?


Zamalkaa Bridge:  A warehouse with ammunition was protected by 7 rodents.  All were killed when the SAA and NDF decided they wanted the contents:

Fareez ‘Abdul-Mutalleb

‘Adnaan Ghawsha

The other 5 were not identified.


Khaan Al-Shaykh:  About to fall.  All fortifications down and SAA artillery having a field day.  19 rats were killed last night at the Al-Zuhoor and the Four Seasons Avenues as they tried to escape to the Al-Salaam Highway.  I have no names as the area is being assessed.


Al-Hussayniyya Farms:  More rodents bite the dust and take the dust pan to Hell.  No names.


Al-Najjaar Farms:  No place to hide anymore.  That there are rats still crawling around here is disgraceful.  Yesterday, the horde lost 4 of its members.  No names.


Al-Zabadaani:  At the Radio Station Quarter and ‘Aara Quarter, the SAA put these vermin down:

Ahmad Burhaan

Waseem Al-Shamaali

Ahmad Ra’ad


Al-Nishaabiyya Farms:  Lots of dead rats, many weapons and ammo seized and 27 killed.  The SAA accepted the surrender of 11 rodents.  All were trained in Jordan by American and Zionist mercenary contractors financed by KSA.


‘Adraa Workers’ Residencies:  At the 9th arrondissement, Al-Jabha Al-Islamiyya lost 2 vans loaded with rats as the SAA opened fire on them with machine guns and RPGs.  A reported 12 rats were counted dead.  No names.


Assaal Al-Ward, Ra`s Al-Ma’arra in the Qalamoon: This area is a major killing ground as rodents try to escape the Lebanon into Syria but find themselves unwelcome.  All pathways, both legal and illegal are under the focused surveillance of the SAA and its allies.  Threats by Nusra to “re-invade” the area are viewed with contempt by the SAA and MI.






Al-Hijja:  An attempted encroachment to Kawm Al-Baashaa was defeated by SAA.


Qunaytra Hospital:  I don’t recommend you get a tonsillectomy here.  Fighting south of Al-‘Alam Roundabout.  No details.


Fighting reported intense here: Southeast of Umm Al-Qitaam, Koodna Mosque, Umm Tayy at an outpost east of Qunaytra City, Mamtana Village, Al-‘Ajraf, West Al-Samdaaniyya at the school, Al-Ruwayhana Mosque.  


Sa’sa’:  Once again, famous as the line drawn by the Syrian Army in the 1973 October War when the Zionist filth got a taste of Hell itself.  Once of the most battered parts of the world.  Yesterday, an attempted infiltration fro Al-Khazrajiyya Farms to the area was repulsed by SAA artillery.  No details.

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