ALEPPO:الجيش السوري يقترب من إحكام الطوق على الأحياء الشرقية في حلب

The Syrian Army is neither resting nor sleeping.  Yesterday, the clamps got tighter as the SAA expanded its presence in the northeast to Sayfaat Village and north of Handaraat.  The SAA raided several nests of Takfiri rodents killing over 77 while taking 11 prisoner.  If the SAA does not have actual presence, it enjoys uncontested artillery control over all avenues into and out of the city.  The power of the SAA now extends almost to the town of Bashkaawi in the north which will lead us straight to the Turk border and the Final Conflict with the Rat King, Erdoghan.


Handaraat Camp:  Our sources report that fighting in this camp is “extremely heavy”.  We have no details, yet.  The rodents inside are desperate to cling on at all costs.  And, believe me, the cost will be very expensive indeed.  The camp is 5 kms from Huraytaan which lies on the Aleppo-A’zaaz Highway and only 10kms from Maari’, leading straight to Turkey again.  If you want to know why Erdoghan is getting antsy, go figure.



syrian army

Bustaan Al-Qassr:  At the Al-Rasool Al-A’zham Mosque near Al-Zahraa` Association, the SAA killed 4 rodents.  No further details.


Kuroom ‘Azeeziyya:  (Vineyards)  A van with rats was set on fire when an RPG struck it fired by an alert NDF militiaman.  Another pickup with a 23mm cannon was also disabled and, evidently, the passengers surrendered without a fight.  No details.


Fighting reported here: Hayyaan, East of Tayyaara, Al-Shuqayr, Baab Al-Hadeed, Bani Zayd, Bishkaawi, Ma’aarrat Al-Arteeq, Al-Shaykh Lutfi, Dhahrat ‘Abed Rabbuh, Al-Layramoon, Al-Mansoora, Awram, Qattaan, Jandool Roundabout, Al-Mallaah Properties, Kafr Hamraa.




Syrian Army

Khaan Shaykhoon:  A nest of Nusra rodents was attacked and 6 terrorists confirmed killed:

  • Nash`aat Hakeem
  • Talaal Ashraf

The other 4 were foreign and their identities could not be confirmed.


Rukaayaa-Sijna:  Fighting with no details.


Al-Nuqayr:  Ditto.


Marteen Town:  SAA did a job on Nusra here killing all these filthy vermin:

  • Ahmad Al-Kooz
  • Faayez Mushtaaq
  • Ahmad Al-Shaami
  • Ibraaheem Al-Sattoof
  • Khaalid Majdalaani
  • Abdul-Ilaah ‘Abbaas

Another 8 could not be identified.


Fighting in Khaan Al-Subul, Saraaqib, Abu Dhuhoor Airbase


Al-Tamaani’ah:  Another nest destroyed and 2 trucks loaded with ammunition from Turkey were set ablaze.  Some weapons and ammunition were salvaged and turned over to NDF for use in killing Saudi Arabian monkeys.  No more details.


UNITED KINGDOM:  A laugh riot.  Cameron thinks he can fool all the Britons all the time.  Well, you all know Abraham Lincolns famous dictum about that.  In any case, it is reported that Britain is not permitting Jihadists to come back to the U.K. from Syria.  Now, Cameron wants you to believe it’s because he is protecting the homeland.  In truth, it’s because he is coordinating with Erdoghan to keep the terrorists right where they are.  He’s so slick.  I mean, isn’t he?

This degenerate has a high opinion of himself.  But, just wait until our army fluffs his stinking pelt.


DAMASCUS:  Well, Nusra is running scared all over the area and has no seeming leadership.  Monzer says it’s now a hunt for whoever doesn’t surrender.  The rats are actually starving in certain areas like Doumaa and Daarayyaa.


Jawbar:  West of the Al-Tayyiba Mosque, the SAA killed these disease-carrying germs:

  • Sultaan Naasser Al-Maslami (KUWAITI OFFSPRING OF A SKUNK)

Jawbar:  East of Maysaloon Road.  SAA killed 3 snipers.


استهداف تجمعات وتدمير 4 سيارات مزودة برشاشات ثقيلة للإرهابيين بريف حماة

 Waadi ‘Ayn Turmaa:  It’s a lot of rats coming together here.  The hygiene situation is repugnant.  The SAA is deliberately targeting areas to force the rats to move to others were they will be pulverized all at once.  Yesterday, our army killed 13 rodents.


Saqbaa and Hizza:  Fighting continues as rat numbers diminish.



A missile is launched from a mobile platform during a live ammunitions exercise by Syrian air defence forces in an undisclosed location.

Al-Zabadaani:  A nest and warehouse in the Radio Station Quarter and Al-‘Aara Quarter were attacked and destroyed.  These filthy rodents were killed:

  • Fahd Darsaani
  • ‘Umar Iswaara
  • ‘Abdul-Samad Al-Wareeth
  • Khaaled Kan’aan
  • ‘Abdu Saalih


Harastaa:  At the Al-Qadmoos (Cadmus) Company near the Transportation Roundabout, the SAA killed:

  • ‘Ali Qunays
  • Anas Jaaber


‘Irbeen Axis:  SyrPer can confirm a successful ambush laid by the SAA near the Al-Taqwaa (Piety) Mosque.  The numbers killed are in excess of 30 but the area has not been completely assessed:

  • Na’eem Bilaal (rat leader)
  • Zaaher Mish’al

No other names have come.


Fighting in Eastern Ghouta at the Al-Zamaaniyya Farms, Al-Bihaariyya Farms


Daarayyaa:  Really scuzzy rat snipers killed here near the Sukayna Shrine and the 4 Seasons.  A car filled with escaping vermin was ordered to stop and, then, fire upon.  It didn’t get far.  All 5 rodents killed in a pretty nice looking Fiat.


Between Jibba and ‘Assaal Al-Ward:  An attempted infiltration at a SAA checkpoint on the Lebanese border resulted in many rat deaths and weapons seized for killing Qataris.  Really pathetic.


‘Arsaal:  A developing story.  A convoy tried again to break into Syria via the route near Faaleetaa.  It was completely destroyed.  I will have details, probably, tomorrow.

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