syrian-air army

A Yak 130 delivers one of its 3,000 kg payloads right on the heads of Obama’s terrorists in Dayr El-Zor.  The 2-seat subsonic trainer is also an effective anti-insurgency aircraft with great maneuverability.


Nazlat Al-Rudaysaat:  The SAAF very much in action here with a wing of Yak 130 attack jets.  No word on rat casualties although preliminary reports are for many.


Al-Tikkaaya Street and Huwayjat Sakr Street:  SAA cleaned out several pockets of filthy rodents killing 9 ISIS plague-carrying vermin.


Al-Hameediyya Road and Al-Tikkaaya Street:  The SAA killed 15 ISIS rats and took an undisclosed number of prisoners.

Jaaber Mullaa Hameed

Ghassaan Mansoor

These 2 were the only documented carcasses. The rest were foreign, mostly from Iraq and Turkey.


Mu-Hassan Village:  Many rats killed or wounded and several crates of light weapons seized for use in killing Wahhabists.




Al-Zaawiya Mountains:  No specific village or town was given for this very important battle near Jisr Al-Shughoor.  68 confirmed rat kills with 11 specifically identified as Libyans from documentation carried on their rat carcasses.  4 pickup trucks with 4 23mm cannons were destroyed completely in a firefight that ensued after the SAA sprung a trap catching the moving disease unawares.  A great operation.


Al-Tamaani’ah:  Now liberated, a force of 25 Nusra hyenas were intercepted north of the town.  No details other than a few escaped death.


Taftanaaz AB:  Yep.  The SAA is almost at the point of recovering this largely useless pile of old metal which was tarted up by the BBC to be some great victory for the humane freedom fighters the Brits are supporting.  6 J.N. rats killed.  All were foreigners.


Nests of Nusra cockroaches were destroyed in these areas: Khaan Al-Subul, Al-Haamidiyya,  Kafr Sijna, Ta’oom, Waadi Sakhri between Kinsafraa and Baytoon, Ma’arrat Al-Nu’maan, Tal Salmu, Umm Jareen just north of Abu Dhuhoor




Al-Faaw-Shaweesh:  SAA and NDF killed 5 rodents belonging to Ahraar Al-Shaam:

Mu`ayyad Al-Akhras

Fahmi Dallaal

Wissaam Ayyoob

Talaal Al-Kabsh

Muhammad Zaki Al-‘Ammaari


This area of eastern Homs Province saw action both the day before yesterday and yesterday: South Al-Shindaakhiyya, Jibaab Hamad, Dhab’at Al-Maleeha, Umm Al-Reesh.


Al-Barghoothiyya:  An attempted infiltration into East Tal Furaytaan was knocked down by NDF.  No details.


Waadi Al-Samarmarr:  The SAA laid another trap for the ignorant rodents who are supported by Allah himself:


Homs-Al-Muslimiyya Road:  A large group of rodents was annihilated by both SAAF and SAA.  I have no details.


‘Aqrab near the Al-Daa’oona Checkpoint:  More rats bite the dust:

Shaadi Al-Ahdab

Saa`ib Muhammad

Firaas Mahmoud Al-Hamawi

Tammaam ‘Atwa

Another 2 could not be identified.


Al-Zumaymeer Village:  A pickup with several boxes of ammunition was waylaid and seized by SAA.  The driver was arrested and is warbling.


Al-Rastan Lake:  Several boats were sunk by alert SAA gunners as they were trying to move supplies.


I have to stop here because I’m due in court shortly.  Homs has a lot of action now so I’ll have to continue later.

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