HAMA:  It’s a glorious day for the Syrian Army as units based in Mork burst out toward Khaan Shaykhoon to take over the huge supply base called Mu’askar Al-Khazzaanaat, a mere 1,500 meters southeast of the target town.

Even the websites for the Erdoghani rat armies have announced the deaths of scores of their litter-mates in this crucial confrontation before the SAA smashes into Khaan Shaykhoon.  The majority of the vermin killed yesterday were non-Syrians with many Chechens, Turks and other riff-raff from Central Asia.  The SAA is using a new technology against the rodent army involving missiles.


Fighting reported in these areas:  ‘Aqrab, Jisr Jinaan, ‘Uqayrabaat Town, Al-Karakaat Village in Shahshaboo Mountain, Al-Hidaaj, Qulayb Al-Thuwwaar, Jurooh, Al-Mu’adhdhamiyya, Al-Khishaabiyya.




Heelaa: 2 pickup trucks with 23mm cannons destroyed.  All passengers killed.  No names.


Al-Kufayr:  1 pickup truck with 23mm cannon destroyed.  No other details.


Al-Shaykh Sindiyaan:  Near Jisr Al-Shughoor and a pathway from Erdoghan’s Turkey for Nusra skunks.  7 of them killed yesterday by the SAA.  No names.


Hawsh Ishtabraq:  A hamlet belonging to Jisr Al-Shughoor and part of the same operation mentioned herein-above.  5 rodents killed.  No names.


Al-Shughur Village 11kms from J. Al-Shughoor:  14 rodents hiding in the area’s many caves and grottoes were rousted and killed by NDF and SAA yesterday.

Maaher Makkaawi (IRAQI WEASEL BARF)

‘Abdul-Hameed Abu-Al-Haaj

Faysal Maalik

No other names


Fighting reported here:  Al-Dabboola, Khirbat Seeliyaa, SyriaTel Towers, Fayloon.


Saraaqib:  The SAA continues pressing the huddled, cowardly vermin here:

Mahmoud Jaassim Al-Daleeni

Radhwaan Al-Sa’ad

Faysal ‘Ali Mashhoor

Adeeb Muhammad Badri

Another 6 could not be identified.


Sirmeen:  10 confirmed dead vultures from Nusra with 2 pickups destroyed.


Fighting intense in these areas:  Kafr Najd and Kooreen in Areehaa area, Talab Village S/E of Abu Dhuhoor AB, Qumaynaas, Kafr Roomaa, Mishmishaan, Humaymaat Al-Daayer, Abu Dhuhoor.


Khaan Al-Subul:  5 pickups with 23mm cannons sent to the automotive graveyard by SAA and NDF.

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