ريف  ادلب.. الجيش يدمر مستودع للأسلحة ويقتل عدد من الإرهابيين



Kafr Laataa:  4 pickups with 23mm cannons were reportedly disabled or destroyed here in a quality operation targeting a pack of Nusra/Al-Qaeda cannibals.  The weapons and ammunition were taken largely intact and will be used to resupply our indispensible Popular Defense Committees and other allied militias.  We want to thank the Saudi apes and the Turk Erdoghani criminals for this fine contribution to the SAA effort to rid Syria of this rat plague.  There were 16 crates of bullets for AK47 assault rifles and 3 boxes of hand grenades with Turkish identification.  The number of dead terrorists exceeds 10.  No other details.


Ma’saraan:   SAA assaulted a nest of rodents and destroyed 2 pickups with 23mm cannons.  Dead rats were confirmed at 6 with 11 taken prisoner.  They were all Ahraar Al-Shaam.


Reported fighting in these areas:  Taftanaaz, Qar’ Al-Ghazaal, Hirsh Istabraq, Al-Bayyaa’aat, Fayloon, Al-Tayyibaat, Al-Almaan (German) Camp, Tal Salmu.




Al-Khadhraa on the Erdoghan border:  This operation is distinguished by exceptionally accurate artillery fire from the SAA side.  A direct hit on an infestation by a group called Ansaar Al-Shaam resulted in the deaths of 4 rodents as reported over their own communications:

“Abu Baraa` Al-Masri” (Id pending.  EGYPTIAN PEDERAST)

Abu ‘Ali Sawwaan

Muhammad Al-Muraadi

“Abu Salaama” (Id pending)

Many were reportedly injured and were taken back to Turkey for medical treatment by Erdoghan’s quacks.


Al-Sawdaa:  A pickup with a typical Doschka acquired, no doubt, from Croatia, was incinerated by accurate ground fire from a roving unit of SAA infantry.  No names.


Al-Durra:  The group here was Ahraar Al-Shaam riding in a Chevy pickup with an AA cannon.  There were 6 of them with 4 apparently hitching a ride toward some area they wanted to pillage and terrorize.  All 6 were burned in a lethal strike from an RPG.  The truck must have been transporting a lot of ammunition, also, because the explosion was unusually violent.


Bujaaq Fortress:  More Ahraar Al-Shaam child molesters found their way to Beelzebub’s bordello here as 1 van with 5 rats and a pickup with 23mm cannon were sent to the junkyard.  No details or assessments of the scene are available.


Al-Furunluq Sanctuary:  Beautiful area I know very well.  A pickup with 23mm cannon was disabled by infantry as it sped toward a base at the Turk border.  All  3 rodents were killed.  No names.


Al-Zaahiya Mountain:  A communications vehicle evidently provided by the French was disabled and its 2 occupants killed in a firefight.  We know it’s French because the equipment had clear markings indicating French provenience.  The van had a Turk license plate and was carrying a launching pad and mortar for delivery to some other pack of vermin.


Al-Qantara:  Mostly foreign degenerates belonging to Ansaar Al-Shaam were killed here:

Ahmad ‘Ali ‘Abdullah (Abu ‘Ali Al-Jabalaawi)

‘Abdul-Rahmaan Al-Samaadi (SAUDI ARABIAN MONKEY)

Mahmoud Tallaawi (“Abu Al-Ghayth Al-Soori)

Fawwaaz Mustafaa Hamaayida (JORDANIAN ANT CATAMITE)

Mahraan Al-Soos  (He was a chicken at heart)

“Abu Haaroon Al-Tunisis” (TUNISIAN APE INTESTINE)

HIshaam Abu-Zayd

Suhayb Al-‘Azzaawi (IRAQI STOOL SAMPLE)

Muwaffaq ‘Ashmaawi (Believed  to be JORDANTEEZIAN)

Another set of 7 carcasses could not be identified.


Al-Hiffa (Var: Al-Haffeh).  This largely Sunni town equidistant between my wife’s ancestral home town of Slinfeh and the port city of Latakia was the scene yesterday of a stunningly precise operation near Kinsibba and Barza where the SAA took over control of 2 underground stashes of weapons bearing the unmistakable imprint of Saudi Arabian apes.  All weapons and ammo will be turned over to militias for killing Wahhabists.  No names.


Tartiyaah:  Also near Slinfeh, a small pack of rats was eliminated.


Drooshaan in the Turkman Mountains, fighting with no details.


Al-Kabeera Village:  There’s an oxymoron if you’re looking for one.  A pickup with 23mm cannon disabled by ground fire.


Bayt Shurooq:  Another pickup destroyed by PDF.



Here’s a bombshell for you. Russia is not taking sanctions lying down:

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