مقتل عدد من الإرهابيين بانفجار لغم أرضي خلال زراعته قرب قرية أبو العلايا بريف حمص

Ta’oom:  The SAA visited this infested town and blasted away at all nests within it killing over 43 rodents:

Mu’een Muhammad Al-Daleel

Mu’aadh Juraydeeni

Faarooq Hussayn Al-Khursaan

Mustafaa Harb

Usaamaa Harb

Tharwaat Harb

Hassan Ahmad Haaj-Qaassim

Rabee’ Baayirli

The rest were not identified and are believed to be mostly non-Syrian.  We would like to congratulate the Harb family of Idlib for the great accomplishment of the “Hat Trick”.  Three of their prized rodents went straight to Hell in one fell swoop.  What pride they must feel.  And congratulations also to the Syrian Army.


Abu Dhuhoor AB:  Heavy fighting in the area as the SAA continues to pummel Nusra positions with artillery and mortar fire.  On Friday, the rodents attempted to infiltrate into SAA positions at the base and lost 22 rats whose carcasses remain on the ground rotting.


Areeha: (Syria’s Jericho)  Rat tried to assault an SAA checkpoint and were repulsed.  Reports are of many casualties on the Nusra side.  No details.


Lower Al-Kastan:  SAA attacked a pack of Nusra hyenas and killed 4 wounding 4.


الجيش يقضي على إرهابيين في معرزاف وعقارب وأبو حبيلات بريف حماة

Jabal Al-Arba’een:  This mountain is completely under the control of the SAA, but, that doesn’t stop the rats from trying to gain a vantage point.  On Friday, they did exactly that again for the umpteenth time and failed.  Reports are of many dead rodents.


Hallooz Mountain:  This is my deceased mother-in-law’s home town which has recently been deloused by the SAA.  Now, the remnant rodents who once laid waste to the village are being pursued in the barren landscape of the mountain which gave the village its name.  The rats are not finding much to eat during this winter and it is expected that they will surrender or die very soon.


Fighting reported in these areas: ‘Ayn Al-Baarida, Al-Baraagheeti, Umm Jareen, Talab, Al-Dibshiyya, Mi’zaaf, Saraaqib, Sirmeen, Kafr Laataa, Al-Dhahabiyya, Tal Al-Tooqaan, Greater Al-Bayyaa’ah, Al-Mustareeha at the Abu Dhuhoor AB.


Tal Salmu:  Heavy fighting with the SAA destroying 5 pickups with 23mm cannons aboard.  I have no other details.


Qumaynaas:  This little town is rich in antiquities which are being robbed and taken to Erdoghan’s criminals.  SAA intends to clean this area out as the march to Turkey continues.


Khasheer:  Vague reports of huge rat casualties here.


المدفعية السورية تستهدف مقرات الإرهابيين بريف إدلب



Isabella sends this wonderful video documenting rats flying straight to Hell in Aleppo:

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