المجموعات الإرهابية تعترف بمقتل العشرات من مسلحيها في ريف إدلب

IDLIB:  You can feel the pressure as Western countries rush to rebuild the empire of mayhem the Syrian Army is demolishing.


Abu Dhuhoor Airbase:  It is strictly cleanup now.  The SAA is finding the carcasses of Nusra and Ahraar Al-Shaam terrorists everywhere in what was their most costly assault in recent memory.


Tal Salmu:  There were reports of a major assault on this town after the failed campaign to occupy the Abu Dhuhoor AB. That assault has been repulsed and the losses to the Alqaeda terrorists is in the low 200s.  Most of the dead vermin were foreigners.


Zayzoon:  23 terrorists killed or wounded according to spotters as SAA artillery rained death on the cringing rodents.  These were the only identified dead terrorists:

Ghassaan Al-Wari’

Mustafaa Mahsoob


Al-Jaanoodiyya:  Near Jisr Al-Shughoor, the SAA killed a top leader of Nusra:

Muhammad Khaleel


Heavy fighting and clean up reported here:  Hallooz, ‘Ayn Al-Baarra, Upper Al-Judayda, Talab.



عناصر جيش

Al-Zahraa` Quarter:   This is probably the 20th time they have tried to invade the Air Force Intelligence Directorate Complex in this western quarter of Aleppo. Each time they have failed and took catastrophic losses.  With many more troops now stationed in Aleppo, this new assault could only have been contemplated in order to relieve pressure on other areas being dealt with by the SAA.

Many people understandably think of the AFI as an intelligence bureau devoted to only matters of interest to aerial combat or aerial intelligence gathering. Not so.  The AFI was the personal creation of former president Haafezh Al-Assad, who himself was a career officer in the Syrian Air Force.  The AFI garnered some undeserved notoriety while directed by Lt. Gen. Muhammad Al-Khawli who was linked to an operation planned by his office to blow up an El Al passenger plane flying out of Heathrow.  It’s called the Hindaawi Affair.  As it turned out, based on research by your editor and other people, the operation was planned by Mossad in a clever mixing up of codes to give Nizaar Hindaawi an order to put his pregnant Irish girlfriend on the plane with a bomb to be detonated by a timer.  As it turned out, the entire operation was a typical Mossad scam.  The Zionist guards at the gate at Heathrow “discovered” the bomb they new was in her luggage because there was a suspicious dripping of fluid.  Real nonsense.  Hindaawi, the Jordanian patsy, learned of the misfire and tried to reach the Syrian Embassy.  The Syrian Ambassador told him to go fish.  He is reportedly doing a long stint in prison after being found guilty at the Old Bailey.


Kobaani (‘Ayn Al-‘Arab):  2 days ago, Abu Sa’ad Al-Daaghistaani who oversaw the execution of 2 accused Russian spies at the hands of a Kazakh pre-teenager was himself killed by the SAA.  He was responsible for communicating Intel to packs of ISIS rodents.  (Osceptic contributed to this datum).  He was a citizen of Daaghistaan.  He is now a citizen of a more steamy locale near the Styx.


OLD CITY:  At the Baab Al-Hadeed, there is a mosque built to commemorate the passing away of a beloved early 20th  Century Sufi scholar by the name of Al-Shaykh Muhammad Al-Nabhaan (1900-1974) who founded the Al-Kaltaawiyya School within the Sufi discipline.  The tomb was viciously dug up and the remains of the scholar were taken away by these Turk-and-American-supported barbarians:  Al-Jabha Al-Shaamiyya, Hay`at Al-Amr bi-Al-Ma’roof wa Al-Nahyi bi Al-Munkar (The Committee for the Command of Fairness and Interdiction of that Which is Prohibited, yawn) Jabhat Ansaar Al-Deen (The Front of Supporters of the Faith, double yawn) and Al-Mahkama Al-Shar’iyya bi-Halab (The Islamic Canonical Court in Aleppo, yawn cubed).  The second group is made up of mostly unemployed Tunisian pimps masquerading at pious Muslims.  Before finishing with this atrocity, these rats destroyed the Al-Nabhaaniyya Library and pillaged homes surrounding the mosque.  If the people had been armed, this would not have happened.


(Image: SANA from Terrorist websites)

 Muhammad Nibhan3


If you want to see what a rat looks like in its own habitat, look at this North African specimen as he hands the remains of Al-Shaykh Al-Nabhaan to another litter-mate.  May God damn this ghastly act of unbelievable ignorance.




Can you imagine commemorating anything about WWII without Russian participation?



 88888888888He is now with his master, Beelzebub, in Hell. He is none other than the terrorist rodent, Hussayn Hassan Haydar, who blew himself up in the ‘Umraan Bistro in the largely Alawi quarter of Tripoli called Jabal Muhsin killing innocent civilians.  His pieces have been stuffed into a sandwich wrapper for burial in some appropriate cesspool.  Burn in Hell!

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