DER’AH: (Thanks, Johny)  To give our readers a taste of the misery into which the NATO rodents and Saudi chamberboys have plunged, an urgent letter was sent to the imaginary command of the FSA (nyuk) for immediate help.  Enjoy.


Translation from the Arabic by your editor who is a Michigan Supreme Court Certified Translator:  “The Syrian Arab Republic, Free Syrian Army, Southern Front, 24th Infantry Division.  In the name of Allah, the Compassionate and the Merciful. To our brave free army; to anyone who has a conscience.  The Jaydoor Village District is in danger.  Today, the regime took control over Al-Ghurbaal in Kafr Naasij and the reason for that is the gang which is fighting is professional.  And the young men who are in Kafr Naasij itself are the same ones who fought in Dayr Al-‘Adas.  The young men themselves have not slept for 4 days.  We request an alarm (sic) from every battalion, brigade and armies (sic).  Hawraan and Jaydoor are in peril.  Commander of the 24th Infantry Division, Colonel Major Yusuf Al-Mir’iy.”


Al-Jeeza:  The SAA has overrun the last remaining fortification of the Nusra pack of jackals who are now struggling to make their way back to the safety of Jordan.  The army, backed by over 40,000 Popular Defense militiamen and women, are pouring into the area.  Note a news blackout at present as the army continues to execute the plan which will exterminate the vermin once and for all.  Monzer has reported cautiously that the number of dead rats here has exceeded 70 with scores wounded but unable to receive treatment.  They are also freezing to death. So sad, really.


Al-Hiraak:  Another area that has been under siege with the SAA and SAAF active dynamically eyeing the destruction of all revetments and fortifications there.  With extensive assistance from the local population which has no use for nihilist degenerates paid for and trained by the useless sodomites of Arabia, the army is on the verge of a full push forward to liquidate the filth of Alqaeda.


Busraa Al-Shaam:  This wondrous town with its rich tapestry of Roman, Aramaic, Greek and Arabic influences also boasts one of the most spectacular colosseums in the world, one so perfectly preserved it vies with its sister in Rome.   Units of the PDC have infiltrated areas controlled by the rats and have started a campaign of sniping at them as the SAA prepares to move in for the final kill.  Here are some of the carcasses identified so far:

Mahmoud ‘Awadh

As’ad Al-Faqeer

Safwaan Muhammad

Wajdi Rafeeq Shalash

Another 13 could not be identified and are believed to be Jordanteezians and Palesteezians.


‘Aqraba Village:  The SAA monitored the movement of a pickup and its Doschka as it traveled south away from the fighting toward the Jordanian border.  An infantryman was positioned south of the fast-moving Chevy truck and plied it with a rocket from a Kornet launcher.  It was obliterated in seconds and its 4 passengers incinerated.  I have no names as the explosion apparently destroyed all evidence of the rats’ identifies.  Big mess.


Zimreen, Inkhil and Ma’araba are all now in the cross hairs of the SAA.  The Big Surprise is working wonders.



The Thylacine sends us this nice commentary by Dr. Tarpley:

A worthwhile read here from Anonymous about Obama’s declaration of war on Syria.

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