Syrian Army Liberates More Villages in Hasaka Province

DAMASCUS:  Don’t you believe the nonsense in the MSM.  The Syrian Army is rolling over the rats.  Even in the Qunaytra area, where the Zionist war criminals are aiding and abetting a renewed push down from the mountains toward the Damascus Plain, the rats are losing every battle and further highlighting Zionist incompetence.


Aaliya Farms, Al-Shifooniyya and the western half of Tal Kurdi have been completely liberated.  The rest of Tal Kurdi will fall within the next 72 hours as the army continues to penetrate ‘Alloosh’ sacred manure pile in Doumaa.


MAYDA’AH:  Another startling ambush laid down by the SAA killed dozens of rats as they were trying to move their plague to the area of Al-Dhumayr.  The string of IEDs planted by the SAA exploded at the right time killing all 38 of the rodents as they rode in a convoy of vans with 2 pickups armed with 23mm cannons.  The SAA was able to remove some of the carcasses but were prevented from collecting the rest as another group of enraged rodents opened fire on our soldiers.


كمائن الجيش النوعية ضد الإرهابيين تعود في الغوطة الشرقية

Tal-Mir’iy and Al-Danaaji Villages: The SAA has confirmed complete control over these towns and the eradication of all the plague-carrying rodents which used to infest them.


QUNAYTRA:  The Syrian Ministry of Defense has announced a wide-scale campaign to annihilate the wretched vermin infesting the Golan Heights.  It’s called “Operation Martyrs of Qunaytra” and it started yesterday.


Ayyooba Village:  The SAA foiled an attack on a checkpoint and counter-attacked about 5 kms from Al-Ba’ath City.  This was Nusra’s operation and it flopped.  The rats were seen leaving boxes of ammunition as they tried to drive off.  Fear of exploding ordnance inside trucks makes the terrorists very nervous.


Umm Baatina:  14 terrorist rodents belonging to Harakat Ahraar Al-Shaam Al-Islaamiyya and Alwiyat Al-Furqaan were sped out of existence by very precise artillery fire from the SAA.


Tal Al-Haarra:  A pickup with 23mm cannon was destroyed.


Mas-hara:  The SAA destroyed 3 pickups with 23mm cannons near the Township Fuel Station in a huge operation that heralds in the new campaign.


Qunaytra City at the Central Square:  The SAA destroyed a pickup with 23mm cannon and killed all 3 aboard.

‘Ali Al-Shurooqi

Faadi Al-Haashim

Hassaan ‘Abdul-`Aati



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