التطورات الميدانية ليوم السبت.. تدمير دبابة وآليات للإرهابيين في ريف حلب



Tal-Museebeen at the Al-Zaytoon Roundabout:  West of Seefaat, a T-62 tank and a bulldozer were destroyed by the SAA along with a Doschka fitted on the back of another flatbed truck and an RPG.


Terrorist supporters have announced the deaths of 4 rat leaders, 2 of whom led units in the Harakat Ahraar Al-Shaam Al-Islaamiyya (The Free Fighters of Syria Movement) and the Jaysh Al-Mujaahideen (Army of Mujaahids):

  • Baasil Al-Fad’oos
  • Mustafaa Al-Saalih
  • ‘Abdul-‘Azeez Al-Hajji

I don’t have the 4th name.




مقتل عدد من الإرهابيين من بينهم 4  متزعمين في ريف حلب

Hannoora Village:  A Scandia Truck carrying ammunition 40kms west of the City of Homs was destroyed with all rats inside killed on February 14, 2015:

  • Sa’eed Jamaaleddeen
  • Wajdi Al-Ahmad
  • ‘Ali Barhoom
  • Rafeeq Wajdi

Another 3 were not identified, their carcasses burned beyong recognition.


‘Unq Al-Hawaa:  A number of ISIS hyenas were sent to the sitz bath in Hell.  No other details.


Jubb Al-Jarraah:  Another stupid attack on an SAA checkpoint was foiled with 17 confirmed Nusra rats killed.  No names have arrived.


Al-Ballaan Village:  A truck with Nusra terrorists aboard was ordered to stop.  I would not.  The infantrymen fired bullets and a Kornet at it and lit it on fire.  The rats were mowed down as they leapt out firing their automatic rifles.  19 rats killed or wounded.  I have no other details.


عودة الاشتباكات في حلب والجيش يدمر دبابة وجرافة للإرهابيين بصاروخ موجّه

Izzeddeen Village and Lower Al-Mukharram:  Confirmed 9 rodents killed, all foreigners.  Only 2 were identified:

  • Zaahi ‘Abdul-Razzaaq Hawwaash (PALESTEEZIAN RAT BREEDER)
  • Muhammad Saafi Muhammad (IRAQI HOG CATAMITE)


Ruhoom:  This is a town which had the bad luck of becoming the ISIS HQ in eastern Homs Province.  It has been the scene of one attack after another by the SAA.


More skirmishing reported here:  North Al-Mushayrifa, Abu Hawaadeet, Al-Duwayba, East Salaam, Mas’ada, Al-Rastan at the Industrial School, Umm Sharshooh, Waadi Kahf, Waadi Al-Samarmarr.


Al-Wa’er:  On February 8, 2015, the SAA learned of a meeting taking place with leaders of Nusra attending to discuss coordination.  The meeting was on the first floor of a building that was targeted by SAA artillery.  All 6 rodents were killed as the building was brought down over their heads.




Al-Ayb Citadel: A convoy out of Jordan was ambushed by the SAA.  22 rodents were killed as they were traveling in 8 vehicles.  The details of this will be made public tomorrow.  Big operation.

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