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Well, she is the prettiest Man of the Year we have ever had.  Be that as it may, she is more manly than that rakish father of 4 bastard children, Francois Hollande, who not only refused to legitimize his offspring by marrying the tasteless hag, Segolene Royale, but then shacked up with some Germanic-looking dyke who stands 2 feet taller than the diminutive freak war criminal with whom she must daily share an empty deodorant bar he found somewhere in the Rive Gauche.

With Marine Le Pen coming into office, the enablers of terrorism are shaking in their boots.  She has promised to break relations with Saudi Arabia and Turkey because of their support for cannibals, savages and mass murderers.  She has vowed to crush terrorism in her own country, a form of violence promoted by the gangster Hollande who personally ordered the execution-style killing of Kurdish patriot, Sakine Cansiz and her 2 aides.  Hollande is even suspected of complicity in the Charlie Hebdo massacre which he used, not so slyly, to help push up his sagging, bottom-of-the-barrel approval ratings that actually once reached 13% making him the least popular leader of France since Adolph Hitler.

Hollande brought shame and disgrace to the institution of grieving when he marched with such humanitarian luminaries as Hamad of Qatar, Abdullah of Jordan and Mileikowski (a/k/a Netanyahu) of the Zionist Ghetto State, all linking their arms as though to glorify state-imposed human misery.  It was a scene out of Charlie Hebdo itself.  Hypocrisy mocking itself.  Pure satire. It was so humiliating this author can only wince when asked to look at a photo of the spectacle.

Marine Le Pen will control the maniacs who espouse violence through Islam. She will put up barriers to immigrants who trade in hatred and market cruelty as though it were some rare and valuable oriental artifact.  She will break the coalition of the sick, demented blood-starved Obama-cum-Cameron-cum-Erdoghan-cum-Saudi Arabian vampires.  And, she will put France back on a track where hard work and concentration are rewarded, while indolence and dependency are not.

We, at SyrPer, are aware that Marine and her father are associated with fascist ideologies.  Yet, we believe she is past all that.  The events of Algeria, where her father once locked horns with the freedom-fighting National Liberation Forces of the native people who aspired to rid themselves of the French yoke, are not forgotten.  Despite the deaths of over one million Algerians in that war, Algiers has excellent relations with France today and there is no reason why we, in Syria, cannot enjoy a rejuvenated relationship with the French people again thanks to the rise of the only person in France who appears willing to fight terrorism and set the country back on the route to economic health.  We support Marine and think of her as an ally in the war against the brutality of Al-Qaeda and ISIS.  She is an ally in the war against hypocrisy as exemplified by Obama, Cameron, Erdoghan, Salman, Abdullah, and Tamim.  Like the French perfume industry, she is a breath of fresh air.  And like the French wine industry, she is a young, very rich and sweet Barsac to be savored under the sunshine of a Gallic provincial afternoon.  Vive Marine Le Pen! Vive La France! ZAF

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