DER’AH:  If you can believe it, the allies of the United States have actual command and control over Al-Qaeda.  The organization run by a former Egyptian plastic surgeon, Dr. Ayman Al-Zawaahiri, a protégé of Usaamaa Bin Laadin, and cave-dwelling monkey in Pakistan, is a part of the American Grand Strategy to unseat the lawfully elected president of the Syrian Arab Republic.  Abu-Muhammad Al-Jawlaani, who heads Jabhat Al-Nusra/Alqaeda, has apparently rejected Qatar’s and the UAE’s demands that he sever ties with Al-Qaeda in order that they be able to fund his organization more openly; not to mention, of course, Nusra being removed from the list of terrorist organizations.  He has said “no” to all that.  But, really, it doesn’t make any difference because the Arabian apes will continue to finance his terror campaigns and his butchery.

Enter Jordanian businessmen and farmers.  Jordan is a primarily agricultural nation with scant natural resources.  It’s airline, Royal Jordanian, is about the only company that turns a profit in the cutthroat world of aviation.  It’s normal international routes and milk runs to Syria were extremely profitable until the 2011 American-orchestrated war erupted.  But now all the losses, even if partly defrayed by Saudi monkey blood money, are becoming unsustainableWith the closing of the Naseeb Crossing by the Jordanian government, the only outlet to the north, Jordanian businessmen and farmers, who normally concentrated their businesses on land routes ending in Beirut,  found themselves with foodstuffs rotting in their containers.  Even the Lebanese government has now intervened by demanding the immediate release of Lebanese truck drivers who were taken hostage by Alqaeda after the closure and subsequent occupation of the Jordanian side of the crossing by the terrorist group.  The losses are in the millions.  King Pygmy PlayStation in Amman has to take into consideration the support of his established mercantile classes who underwrite the economy.

Enter Saudi Arabia which wants nothing to do with any deal to reopen the crossing.  That the Saudis are a depraved race of monkeys is no surprise to any one of our readers.  But, here, at this juncture in time, when their own borders are being penetrated by bold Yemeni freedom fighters, they are asking for the fatal wallop they so richly deserve by losing their stooge Hashemite king to the rage of Jordanian and Palestinian businessmen.  This is what is happening now in Jordan.  The king is desperate.

Yesterday, something strange happened.  The crossing was abandoned by Alqaeda.  The only problem is that, as SyrPer told its readers credibly, the Syrian government does not appear interested in saving King PlayStation (as As’ad Abu Khaleel calls him).   The Syrian government, I have been told, was enraged by Amman’s act of self-immolation in, first, closing the crossing at the behest of the Saudi primates, and, then, looking askance as Alqaeda’s barbarians entered and occupied it right under the noses of Jordanian soldiers and border guards.  As of this writing, the crossing, while Ratten-rein, is closed on the Syrian side.  If the Jordanians want it reopened, there will be conditions.

The Saudis are nearly broke now with the price of oil barrels at record lows (thanks to the Saudis, themselves) and their war in Yemen becoming suddenly an all-Saudi romp.  The Saudis are reportedly dipping into their strategic reserves to off-set the losses.  It is hard to imagine how they will deal with a Jordan that isn’t going to go along unless the ordinarily parsimonious Ayraabs pony up with some extra dough for the kingdom’s coffers.  Dr. Assad is playing this one for keeps.


Kafr Shams:  About 60kms north of the city, 2 pickups with 23mm cannons were destroyed and these carcasses identified:

Bassaam Subhi Al-Ghazzaawi

‘Adnaan Al-Masaalima

The other 5 were not identified.


Syrian Army Targets Terrorists in Daraa

Der’ah City:  The city is only 10kms from its Jordanian sister-city of Al-Ramtha.  The Syrian Army and PDCs attacked rat nests in Al-Arba’een Quarter, Al-Manshiyya Quarter and south of the shoe factory.  I have no other details.


BREAKING NEWS:  QUNAYTRA PROVINCE.  The SAA has broken the back of a Alqaeda/Zionist attack on the Umm Al-‘Izhaam Dam.  The attack was a military disaster for the Zionist cockroaches who planned this fiasco.  According to Monzer,  no assessment can be performed yet as the area is too dangerous.

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