IDLIB:  All sources are telling SyrPer that the reason for the attack on Jisr Al-Shughoor was the massing of Syrian government forces south and west of the provincial capital in order to retake the city from the Alqaeda rodents who control most of it.  The huge assault on Jisr Al-Shughoor by terrorists, said to number between 10,000-14,000,  forced the SAA to redeploy and delay the attack on the capital.  While, the attack was being monitored by Military Intelligence, there was no way to predict the size of the invasion from Turkey.  In other words, the SAA was caught by surprise.  With all government forces now under a controlled environment,  the Chief of the Syrian General Staff, Lt. General ‘Ali ‘Abdullah Ayyoob,  has given the go-ahead for a counter-strike which Wael says will “shake the terrorists’ teeth from their roots”.  In the meantime, the Alqaeda terrorists gangs are killing whole families inside the town although they are all Sunnis.  Heretics don’t discriminate between one sect and another.  This is the same group being protected by the Zionist Khazars.


Jisr Al-Shughoor City:  At the southern end of the city the SAA is positioned around the National Hospital protecting patients, doctors, nurses and equipment.  On Sunday night, a force of 200 Chechen terrorist savages and heretics assault the hospital only to find that the SAA had prior notice and had put up fortifications around fixed T-62 tanks used as artillery.  SAA now has night vision equipment which is standard issue in these conditions.  The attack was spearheaded by a suicide bomber who is believed to be Chechen or Daghestaani.  His truck, a Mercedes, was blown into atoms by 2 Kornet rockets.  Thus, the ambush.

The Chechens were panic-stricken by the lack of surprise and the ambush.  Speaking in Chechen with lots of Russian interspersed, they sent out calls for reinforcements as they took note they were being pursued by elements of the Tiger Force led by the now-legendary Colonel Suhayl Al-Hassan.  I can confirm to all readers that post-battle assessments as of Monday indicate all Chechens were killed.  As you all know by now,  the SAA shows these foreigners the same courtesies they show our civilians.


Nahla Church – Al-Mu’allaqa Axis:  A convoy of rodents was vaporized by the SAA and PDC.  Rat websites confirm these dead heretics:

Shaadi Muhammad Al-Hussayn

Ghayth Ibraaheem ‘Abdul-Baaqi

Ayham Muhammad ‘Alloosh

Ahmad Jameel Khaleel

Ahmad Iyaad Al-Shaykh-Diyaab

Hamad ‘Aamer Abu-Bakr

‘Abdul-Kareem Al-Hussayn Al-Yaaseen


‘Ayn Al-Baarida:  A convoy coming out of Erdoghani Turkey was wiped out by SAAF followed up by the army.  4 vans and 2 pickup trucks with 23mm cannons were destroyed:

Saleem Mahmoud Hamaadaa

‘Umar Muhammad-‘Ali Farhaan

Kaayid ‘Abdul-Rahmaan Al-Shaami

The other 15 could not be identified.  Some rats survived and are now in custody and warbling.



التطورات الميدانية ليوم الأحد.. عمليات ليلية للجيش في جسر الشغور

Bishlaamoon:  Confirmed 11 vehicles destroyed originating in Turkish-Occupied Syria.  I have no other details.


Al-Qinya-Al-Jaanoodiyya Axis:  A convoy of 6 trucks 8 kms from the Turk border were set ablaze by accurate artillery and missile launchers.  I was told the SAA used FROG missiles here.  The devastation was complete.   The size of the explosion also indicated the possibility that one of the trucks was rigged to be used for a suicide attack.


Al-Qirmeed (brick or tile) Factory near the military base:  Several attacks by Al-Qaeda/Nusra apostates and rodents were repelled by both SAA and SAAF.  The attacks were east of the factory and involved hundreds of terrorists.  The fighting is on-going but the rats are bogged down by heavy artillery fire.


Al-Jaanoodiyya-Jisr Al-Shughoor Axis:  A convoy of trucks, mostly pickups with 23mm cannons, was decimated by SAAF at night under clear skies.  As of this writing, the SAA on the ground is pursuing remnant rodents from the convoy.


Qumaynaas – Qirmeed Axis:  Another fully loaded convoy was destroyed as it was rushing to resupply trapped rats in the area of the Al-Qirmeed Factory.


Fayloon-Kooreen Road:  SAA destroyed 4 pickups with 23mm cannons.  No names of the 11 rodent carcasses.




Areehaa – Al-Faariqa Road:  The SAA came upon a nest of vultures belonging to Nusra and killed every single one of them:

Nassr Jameel Al-‘Atbaan

Faarooq Muhammad Sharafeddeen

‘Aamer Hassan Al-Zayyaat

Raaghib ‘Abdul-Muttalib Al-Saqqaal

Ismaa’eel ‘Ali Al-Wareeth

The other 8 were not identified and are believed to be foreign.


Hamaa-Qulaydeen Al-‘Ankaawi:  6 vehicles belonging to Ahraar Al-Shaam  were destroyed by SAAF:

Abu ‘Umar Al-Salaah

No other names.


Sirmeen:  SAAF active here preventing rodents from moving freely. Yesterday, an SAAF Sukhoi hit a truck coming out of Turkey.  No other information.


Al-Ziyaadiyya:  3 trucks destroyed along with a pickup armed with a 23mm Doschka.  No other details.


Fighting reported also in Majdalyaa.



Radioyaran makes it official: Zionist State helps Al-Qaeda:

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