ALEPPO: Look folks, the situation in Aleppo close to the Turk border is not looking good for the terrorist cannibals.  One group led by the Caliph of Cockadoodledoo, ISIS, is imposing starvation tactics on Nusra/Al-Qaeda.  Nusra is puzzled why the Turks aren’t coming to their assistance.  Even the sleazy rags, like the NYT,  are bemoaning the sorry state of affairs, accusing ISIS of denying crucial fuel to Nusra as hospitals and clinics are closing down due to lack of electricity.  Of course, the NYT would never allow an article targeting ISIS to ignore the fictional involvement of the forces “loyal to the Syrian regime”.  They went so far as to quote Doctors Without Borders which put all destruction of medical facilities at the feet of the Syrian Army. I was gagging with laughter.   Imagine my guffawing today as I wolfed down a fish-and-chips platter with a splatter of malt vinegar – all washed down with ginger ale – as I tried to contrive the abject misery into which England’s favorite terrorist group, Al-Qaeda/Nusra, found itself.

Think about this: Turkish papers are revealing that Erdoghan has granted ISIS a new hq in the Turkish town of Aqja after the group lost its grip on Tal Abyadh.  Now, why would he do that when ISIS is strangling his other favorite terror group, Nusra?

Some of the troll readers on our site tell it all with tell-tale histrionics, inarticulate jeremiads, exaggerated gesticulations detected in the tremor-notes at the end of their words, and all the other hysterically cacophonous cuckoo-laden cock-and-bull in which the so-called “opposition” has been left to drown. And so, we come to Aleppo:

First of all, it is absolutely certain that the rats have not advanced one angstrom in Aleppo.  Talk about advances in Al-Raashideen are about as true as their take-over of Al-Tha’lah AB.  We have superb intelligence in Aleppo because my wife’s nephews live right there and they tell me a totally different story.


Al-Mansoora Village:  This is a Nusra fiasco as starving rodents dropped their weapons and ammunition in a sign of resignation.  The SAA conducted a field assessment and counted 8 dead and 14 wounded.  The wounded begged for immediate treatment, I am told, but were treated, instead, like patients in a Canadian clinic.  The 8 killed were 5 Turkmen, 1 Lebanese and 2 Syrians:

Ibraaheem Hussayn Al-Faqeer

‘Alaa` ‘Abdul-Kareem Daraghanli


Al-Mu’ayzayla Village:  10 killed or wounded by SAA artillery.  Assessment conducted by spotters.


Al-Layramoon:  SAAF and SAA very active here as rats continue to come and go.  Two days ago, a group of Nusra rodents was exterminated when the SAA enjoyed a direct hit on a convoy.  No actual details available since the area was too dangerous to evaluate.


Al-Baab:  Now confirmed.  The SAAF dropped a thermobaric bomb on a clutch of vultures belonging to Nusra and killed a reported 81.  Because ISIS is denying Nusra fuel, the wounded have apparently, for the most part, died.  Hurray!  Great news. I hope it was painful.


Al-Zahraa`:  SAA and PDC ambushed a pack of rats killing 2 snipers.  The PDC was responsible for uncovering a tunnel which was being dug as part of the Alqaeda plan to enter the town.  Big disaster for English morons in Turkey.


Hayyaan:  A huge battle here between the SAA resulted in a breakthrough for the SAA.  A major supply line has now been placed under complete artillery control along the International Highway.  Big loss to English terrorist cannibals.


SyrPer is now confident is stating that all supply routes into Syria from Turkey have now been closed to Nusra/Alqaeda. 


Heavy fighting reported in all these areas as the Syrian Army is embarking on a new campaign:  Bani Zayd, Al-Sukkari, Al-Sha’aar, Al-Raashideen, Karm Al-Turaab, Al-Jazmaati, Al-Shaykh Sa’eed, Bustaan Al-Qasr, Al-Shaykh Lutfi Village, Bustaan Al-Baashaa, Al-Ma’aadi, Old City, Al-Ansaari, Karm Al-Jabal, Firdaws

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