Syrian Forces Kill 14 Jeish al-Islam Terrorists in Eastern Ghouta

DAMASCUS:  Have you ever seen such a beautiful sight as three hundred blind mice?  That’s what’s left of the pockets of rodents inside Al-Zabadaani.  And, they are all foreigners determined to die in order to achieve their life-long dream of a Paradise where they are promised 72 Virginians by their own favorite deity, Mephistopheles himself.  And so, the SAA, HZB and the SSNP along with our own venerable PDC will be more than pleased to accommodate their wishes, on demand, by gleefully placing a speeding projectile squarely at the center of their rodent-foreheads.  The Allahu Akbar is heard now constantly in the center of the town as the rats fire the last rounds of the meager ammunition they have left.  Many of the screams have a curious Central Asian or Chechen sound to them, or so says Monzer.

The Syrian Air Force has been very active over Al-Zabadaani once the MI people confirmed the complete destruction of all SA-9 and MANPADs the rodents had managed to cadge off the Zionist Abomination and the Saudi monkey-rats.  Our helicopters are flying with impunity over the town, focusing on spots where the Nusra rats are concentrated.  MI estimates now are that the rats have no more than 350 terrorists inside with the majority having infiltrated out of the death trap which this once beautiful town has become.  The SAAF destroyed 2 rocket launchers yesterday and 1 pickup with a 23mm Doschka which could be used for anti-aircraft tasks.  No more.

In the Al-Zahra area,  which was liberated completely yesterday, 1,500 rats are now gathered but are surrounded completely by HZB and SAA forces.  They have no way out.  In fact, SSNP and PDC forces are roving the area looking for escaping rodents who chose unorthodox routes out of the pressure cooker in which they were basting.  The SAAF has confirmed the destruction of a cannon, rocket launcher and a warehouse for ammunition.  Not much left.


Doumaa:  Poor ‘Alloosh.  Poor rat.  He lost another 14 of his favorite rodents yesterday to the SAA.  A warehouse was also destroyed here by SAA artillery. Here are the only Syrians:

‘Umar Saleem Majdhoob

Muhammad Haafizh Dallaal

Qays Muhammad-‘Ali Al-Sarraaf

The others could not be identified.


Jawbar:  35 rats killed in an SAA ambush near the old ANNA HQ.  I have no names or more details as the area is still being assessed.


Harastaa and Al-Reehaan:  Jaysh Al-Islam, led by everybody’s favorite ghoul-rat, ‘Alloosh, got massacred again along with some Nusra and Liwaa` Al-Islam zombies.  A very large supply of weapons and ammunition was confiscated and distributed to our militias for use in killing slimy Saudi Arabians.



Misraabaa:  ‘Alloosh reportedly lost 4 of his field commanders when SF blew up a car by remote control as they were passing by in a van.



Syrian Artillery won the day all Thursday and this Friday morning with spectacularly accurate direct strikes.  At Mas-hara, Taranjaa and the Red Hills, the SAA did a bang-up job, a yeoman’s job, really, killing the Zionist-supported Alqaeda rodents.



Yemeni Forces Arrest Terrorists in Female Dress

Well, they wouldn’t meet the standards for membership in the Rockettes dance ensemble.  They were caught trying to infiltrate into San’aa in order to commit atrocities.  No longer.  Alalam reports another attempt like this going awry elsewhere as the Kingdom of Drag continues its genocidal assault on the Yemeni people. 


The real Rockettes are expected to file a lawsuit prohibiting ISIS from using their trademark name in conducting terrorist operations.




Excellent analysis of the boomerang of hypocrisy; how it manages to come back and bite you:


Stunning analysis of the confusion in American foreign policy and the dead end of terrorism-support: (Thanks, Takfiri/Israel’s Zombies)


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