IDLIB:  We told you so. And it has happened. After weeks of training new volunteers who arrived by ship from Iran, the Syrian Army high command assessed the embedding and absorption program more than adequate and has given the order to trash the rats in Jisr Al-Shughoor.  The rats inside have nowhere to go and will not be permitted any corridor through which to escape.  I have been assured by Wael that the Saudi Arabian rodent, ‘Abdullah Al-Muhaysini, will be burned alive if captured by our Popular Defense Forces many of whom now claim Jisr Al-Shughoor as their home town.  I want to be there to roast my marshmallows over his writhing carcass.  Unfortunately, Syria’s very professional army will wind up just shooting him dead.

Burn him alive!  Al-Muhaysini is right in the city ready to be taken straight to the Ron Popeil Miracle Roaster Oven.  Get the Wonderbread out with the pickles and the mustard.  This rat’s fat will grease the machinery of Hell! He can only bite into his cyanide pill to avoid the screaming death which awaits him.


The assault started last night out of Al-Qastoon with night-flying Sukhoi bombers leading the way in a carpet of incineration.  There is nothing the Turks can do to stop the onslaught.  Syria has vectored her S-300s in the Latakia highlands toward this area with the Pantsyr system monitoring the littoral.   Tanks in the neighborhood of 200, coming out of Al-Qastoon,  are being used mostly for artillery as infantrymen, Syrian, Iranian, Afghani, Lebanese and Palestinian, emerging from the villages of Hallooz and Ghassaaniyya  prepare for hand-to-claw combat against the shivering rodents inside the city.


Report are that the SAA has now entered the Sugar Factory and is spreading out in a pre-planned maneuver designed to form a wedge to break into the city and kill every rat inside.  Rodent communication are frantic.  They know what is taking place.  Turkish and British enablers in Adana are powerless to help as Turkish citizens are now rising up against the malicious mass-murderer and British ally, Erdoghan.  There are British agents inside Jisr Al-Shughoor.  They have been heard communicating with their stinking fellow citizens in Turkey.  Here’s a SyrPer exclusive:  The British government is asking Iran to intercede to prevent the immolation of their scum inside the city.  No way!

We will provide you with more details as they come in.

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