‘Alloosh seen in this picture covering his head as citizens of the Eastern Ghoutaa hurl their shoes at him.  (Photo:



Saqba Village:  Hundreds of incensed Syrian citizens emerged from their homes demanding the arrest or resignation of illustrious ape and traitor, Zahraan Alloosh, the nominal head of the “Jaysh Al-Islam” (JI). ‘Alloosh was accused in posters and on placards of hoarding food and denying sustenance to the people he thinks he owns.  At Saqbaa, one group of demonstrators shouted:

Mansaf to you (i.e. a huge feast of rice and lamb) and worms for us”

All together, 9 villages exploded with these kinds of harsh words for the beleaguered and embattled ‘Alloosh.  For some months now, we have reported to you about a problem involving starvation in the East Ghoutaa.  The Syrian Army has refused to permit international organizations to enter and provide food for the citizens because each time the army has lifted restrictions, ‘Alloosh’s group would confiscate all foodstuffs and warehouse them for use in keeping the rats alive.  Yesterday, the citizens screamed out exactly those accusations against the JI. ‘Alloosh reportedly responded by challenging the people to inspect his warehouses to see if he is really depriving them of food.  I have read that so far no citizen has been allowed to make any such inspection.

There are indicators of breakup and secession within the ranks of the terrorist rodents in this area.  Along with the JI led by ‘Alloosh, the Liwaa` Fajr Al-Umma (Brigade of the Dawn of the Islamic Community, yawn), the Faylaq Al-Rahmaan (double yawn) and the Islamic Union of Soldiers of Syria (yawn cubed), are a part of the “Unified Command” which is going straight into fail-mode.  Reports are coming in of ‘Alloosh accusing the Liwaa` Fajr Al-Islam of concealing 1000 tons of food.

Moreover, ‘Alloosh, now in a paranoid state, has begun arresting demonstrators accusing them of being members of Takfiri and ISIS-related groups.  So far, Monzer writes, 88 young men from the 9 villages have been taken into custody and are being tortured as I write.  Many of the demonstrators are demanding their release. (Sound familiar?)

Prediction: Expect Faylaq Al-Rahmaan and the Soldiers of Syria to withdraw from the Unified Command.


  مقتل 32 إرهابياً في قصف صاروخي للجيش على مواقع الإرهابيين في ريف دمشق

‘Ayn Turmaa:  In the East Ghoutaa.  Not a good day for terrorists.  Near the Talha Bin Zubayr Mosque, the SAA killed all these:

Fathi ‘Abdul-Raheem Abu-Khushayr (LIBYAN GRUB IN THE AFTERBIRTH)


Bilaal Qal’aji

Khaleel Al-Tahhaan

Nizaar Taalib

Sa’eed Khurayta (Another family on the endangered list)



‘Irbeen:  SAA artillery fire followed by a frontal infantry assault resulted in these carcasses:

‘Abbood ‘Abdul-Kareem

Muhammad Suwaylif

‘Umar Jamaaleddeen

Firaas Daalaati (Family on endangered list)

Faarooq Hamdoon

‘Issaa Al-Tayr

Ja’far ‘Udayy Al-Sharaf

Muhammad Zirikli


Naazhim Al-‘Ulaamaa`

6 others could not be identified and are believed to be foreign.


Al-Qaasimiyya:  The SAA surrounded a group of rodents.  They surrendered after their leader was shot right in the noggin:

Yahyaa ‘Ajeena


Harastaa north of the Secondary School Roundabout:  A mostly foreign group of British-handled rodents was annihilated:

Al-Tayyib Waleed Misbaahi (LIBYAN ANTEATER DROPPING)

Ziyaad Al-Na’saan (He won’t be sleepy after he is greeted by Beelzebub)

Akram Wajeeh

Anees Rahmoon (Another family on the endangered list)

Fu`aad Badraan

Khayreddeen Ma’aaz



الجيش يصل إلى وسط مدينة الزبداني من الجهتين الشرقية والجنوبية

Doumaa and Al-Shifooniyya Road:  All foreign rodents.  A group of 8 rats on a flatbed was put to the torch.  No names.


Al-Dhumayr Village:  Close to the airbase way at the eastern end of the E. Ghoutaa:

Muhammad Ibraaheem Ghazaal

Waseem Maddaad


Daarayyaa:  15 rodents, at least, have been killed in an engagement with the Islamic Union of Soldiers of Syria:

Wasfi Kamaal

The other 14 were foreigners.



army 12

The Syrian Army and Hizbollah have now taken control positions at the West and South ends of central Zabadaani.  There are no more than 50 remaining rodents inside.  The fighting at the Western side was very intense demonstrating that the rats had access to more warehouses which stocked ammunition.  However, as Monzer writes to me, they are firing their ammo wildly without regard to maintaining what little they have left.

The SAA and HZB are now in complete control of the Al-Seelaan Quarter where a Alqaeda/Nusra HQ was vaporized.  Inside all rats were killed.  Intercepted communications between rodents and their Zionist handlers indicate morale is at rock bottom.  They have been told their Zionist slime allies cannot help them.  They’ll just have to face justice at the hands of our citizen militias.



Father Nathanael (who converted from Judaism) gets into the debate and hammers the rats:

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