The picture of the wasteland portrayed above is an idea of what the rats gained by occupying the Abu Dhuhoor Air Base yesterday after its defenders were ordered out of their defensive positions to other points.  But, the funny part is that, as usual, the rodents gained nothing but an empty carton.  You see, once the dust storm started, SAAF bombers could not take to the air to pummel the cringing rodents at the eastern entry to the base.  Even SAA artillery spotters could not justify their coordinates making it difficult to hold on to the territory.  All jets and usable equipment were removed days before evacuation at the recommendation of the Russian advisors in the area.

I spoke to Wael in Latakia about this event.  He didn’t think much of it telling me that the evacuation and redeployment was done in a very organized fashion taking into account weather conditions and the actual use of the base.  He told me the base had not been used for aerial operations for about 3 weeks since the ISIS rodents and their allies were able to take artillery control over the eastern gateway.  Once they had done this, runways were damaged making it hazardous to take off.  All air assaults were then moved to other air bases with no diminution in the efficacy of the air force.  With new Russian jets landing at Latakia airbases, the Russian position appears to be to bomb the base into particles when the time is right.

Wael seemed bemused by all the concern for this base.  It has been surrounded for 2 years and the rats have lost over 3,000 rodents trying to penetrate it’s perimeter.  Now he says they can have it.  There is nothing left at the base for use by the terrorist rodents.  It is a disaster for the British-handled monsters whose only reason for existence is to kill innocent Syrian civilians.  And so, many will return to their native Britain to kill English people.  Don’t say the Syrians didn’t tell you so.

Another insight came across my desk when a relative of an SAA officer visited me today. He told me that the dust storm was a blessing in disguise because it allowed our troops to withdraw under its cover when, in previous times, they were not able to accomplish such a feat without losing soldiers to automatic machine gun fire.  Here, our troops were withdrawn without a single loss.  They left behind a treasure chest of spent styrofoam cups.  We can’t wait to see the videos of the triumphant rats playing in their junkyard with aging, rusting MiG 17s.


URGENT NEWS:  The Syrian Army has ejected ISIS again from the Jadhal Gas Fields.


MORE URGENT NEWS:  Clean-up is almost all over in Zabadaani.  The SAA has uncovered the sole tunnel used by Ahraar Al-Sham to funnel in supplies while being surrounded.  They are starting to surrender to the SAA and its allies in the Lebanese Resistance.  The tunnel extended from Bayt Al-Daalaati Quarter to Al-Maas Neighborhood and Al-Ghaabiya.  All these areas are now under the total control of the Syrian government.

Also, at Tal Kurdi, the SAA killed these smelly rodents belonging to ‘Alloosh’s gang of rats:

Maazin Jaamoos

Muhammad Jaamoos

Maajid Haaroon

‘Amr Sa’eed Khadhraa

Muhammad ‘Abdul-Wahhaab

Anas Ghaneema

Another 4 could not be identified.



General Gerasimov tells it like it is.  Get ready for this one from our friend, Vasily Zaitsev:

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