Humaymaat Airbase area:  The Russian air base expanded for accommodating the Antonov super transport planes was the target of an attack by ISIS, of all groups, here just south of Latakia near the sister city of Jabla.



You cannot see the new airbase on the map provided here.  However, it has, along with the Baasil Al-Assad International Airport, accepted over 28 supply runs from Russia to Syria.  According to our reports, satellite intelligence revealed the movement of about 8 rodents toward the Russian base at Humaymeem.  The terrorists were carrying a rocket launcher ostensibly to destroy the runway there or to strike at a resting Antonov transport.  Russian Speznaz commandos were immediately transported by the Syrian Army to a position where an ambush was set.  Once the trap was sprung, 3 rodents were killed and 3 surrendered with the rest heading for the proverbial hills.  The 3 captured vermin confessed to being members of ISIS which was suprising since everyone expected them to be members of either J.N. or Ahraar Al-Shaam.


Al-‘Utayra Village Military Base near Al-Rubay’ah:  We can confirm the deaths of 33 rodents belonging to Alqaeda/Nusra who were traveling in 7 trucks coming out of Turkey.  Good Intel gave the SAA an advantage in that the army was able to set an ambush for the moving rats and slay them all.


Al-Sawda Village:  54 rats killed or wounded by a combination of SAA and SAAF.  Details still murky.


Zaahiya and Al-Shahroora Villages:  On September 21, 2015, 24 Nusra rodents killed by the Popular Defense Committees.


Al-Hayaat Village:  In the direction of Al-Rubay’ah, the SAA continues to tighten the noose around the necks of Alqaeda while cutting off all supply lines to them.  Yesterday, in a uniquely well-planned operation, SAA-SF assaulted the rats here killing 11 and wounding scores.  The rats have no medicine to treat their wounded litter-mates.


Zaahiya Village:  Yesterday, 20 rats, 15 of whom were Chechens were killed in a sudden assault by SAA and PDC.



Vasili sends us this documenting the Russian air build-up in Syria:

Terrorists burn the Palestinian flag in Aleppo: (Thanks, Vasili)

Warning to all Englishmen:  Cameron is a depraved maniac:

See the jets Russia has sent to Syria, including the Flankers:

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