A Syrian armed forces tank fires during a live ammunitions exercise in an undisclosed location

HAMA:  Once again, British planners in Turkey hatched a plot to take back some lost thunder from the Syrian army, but, as usual of late, flopped miserably.  When SyrPer refers to British handlers in Turkey, we are referring to military advisers who act under the control of MI6 as “independent contractors”.  In this manner, David Cameron, England’s resident psychopath and war criminal, is able to by-pass Parliament’s strict adherence to international law and deep reservations about the prudence of trying to create another Libya.  The U.S. also used these contractors in Iraq, like Blackwater, in an effort to slough off some of the blame attendant to the expected carnage brought about by invasions of other countries.  And so, the British.

Nusra/Alqaeda’s plan was to emerge from the areas of Kafr Nabbooda, Al-Habeet and Al-Baana and invade Tal Sakhr, Al-Hamaamiyyaat, Al-Mugheer and Buraydij.  These are all located in the far northwestern part of Hama Province abutting Idlib.  The British don’t seem to understand that the Syrian Military has developed capabilities to intercept their communications.  Coupled with Russian and Iranian surveillance of the air traffic, England’s murdering terrorist enablers are an open secret – their messages recorded on a daily basis.  Two British terrorists operating out of Gaziantep are regularly monitored and have developed a certain level of celebrity because of their poor Arabic.  They are called “Munkar and Nakeer”, two angels in Islamic theology whose job is to select people for resurrection based on their faith and are, thus, rightly called the Angels of Death.  They are believed to be English-born Syrians employed by MI6 who are proficient in what Ziad calls: “kitchen Arabic”.


The rats came out of their holes in 4 columns notable for their trademark Toyota pickups with 23mm cannons.  Once again, we must emphasize the fear the British have of the mounting evidence of the Syrian Army’s plan to invade Idlib and wrest control of Jisr Al-Shughoor from Alqaeda.  The British are desperate to help Alqaeda maintain control over this one province as a bargaining chip in the haggling over who will control Syria’s policies as they relate to Saudi Arabia and Qatar, the 2 countries on which the English economy and football teams float.

There was no element of surprise.  The SAA knew from the beginning the rats were coming based on local reports from citizens and the chatter between Turkey and the rodents.  The SAA plan was ordinary. Using mechanized infantry to outflank the moving rats, the SAA set up kill zones along the western side of the largely rural roads used by the terrorists.  With ample anti-tank launchers and crack marksmen, the advance of the rodent army was stanched almost immediately.  According to a report from Wael, in Latakia, the rest of the battle amounted to a cowboy-style circling of the wagons and the setting up of a defensive cordon.  All this is very effective when dealing with native American braves on horseback who, following the Hollywood model, manage to lose half of their fighting force just by riding and shouting epithets at the heroic American settlers.  It doesn’t work when the army you are fighting has artillery and that is exactly what happened.  The wall of cars and trucks used to protect the rodents was rapidly destroyed by mortars, Howitzers and RPGs.

By the time the battle was over, the Syrian Army had killed 37 rats, almost all of whom were foreigners from Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Libya and one Kuwayti.  The only Syrians in the group, which numbered originally 450+, were these:

Muhammad Haafizh Al-Shaakir

Rafeeq Muhammad Hassan Qandaqji

Firaas ‘Abbaas

Mahmoud ‘Ali Al-Khaawi


In the eastern part of the province, the SAAF was the active party.  Flying over the areas of Abu Daallee, Sawha, ‘Uqayrabaat, Jinaa Al-‘Ilbaawi, Middle Qastal and Jubb Al-Rayyaan, the SAAF devastated ISIS packs there  killing over 20 of them and destroying visible weapons and ammunition.  No other details available.




A soldier of the Republican Guards displays a stinking Nusra/Alqaeda rodent for all to see. (Thanks, Khaled)

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