ALEPPO:  The Al-Raamoosa suburb has now been totally cleared of the British-supported trash.  I have seen videos showing desperate rodents high-tailing it out of the area under the watchful eyes of our SAA snipers.  The number of Jaysh Al-Fath terrorists killed in the campaign to reopen the supply line into eastern Aleppo is in the thousands.  I know that sounds like an exaggeration, but, it’s not.  The evidence is in the terrorist group’s attempt to send in new reinforcements and to revitalize the plan to squeeze back into eastern Aleppo before their allies collapse under the pressure of siege.

In Idlib, ‘Abdullah Al-Muhaysini, is struggling to find new recruits to fight in Aleppo.  His only hope at present is a few terrorist vultures who have been allowed  to leave Daarayyaa and Mu’adhdhamiyya in accordance with a deal struck by and between the vermin and the Syrian government.  The terrorists are expected to arrive any hour now in Idlib City where they will be redirected to the front in Aleppo.  Unfortunately for Mr.  Al-Muhaysini, none of the new arrivals is in any condition to fight another battle any time soon.  Reports have it that many are struggling with injuries and disease none of which can be treated by the inept quacks of Jaysh Al-Fath.  In addition to this, a push for new recruits has resulted in only a few hundred coming forward to receive a modicum of training before being sent to fight the very experienced Syrian Army and its allies.   The fact that they are sending reinforcements made up of clowns and foot massage specialists is proof that the new force is going to Hell much more quickly than anyone anticipated.

Jabhat Al-Nusra/Alqaeda has also lost its chief field commander and supposed Chief of Staff, Abu Haajar Al-Homsi (a/k/a Abu ‘Umar Saraaqib).  He was killed while relieving himself on a parked car in Kafr Naahaa during a break at a meeting where this repugnant swine was dining on a BLTHe had just escaped from the front in Aleppo.  The nincompoop failed to follow ordinary security guidelines and was tailed all the way to Kafr Naahaa by SAA-MI where he convened a meeting of fellow vultures in order to plan their escape to Australia or McMurdo Sound.  Along with this rodent, Abu Muslim Al-Shaami and 12 others were killed.  They are all now bathing in the pristine cauldron stirred by the irrepressible Beelzebub.  Bon appetit!   

Image result for Abu Hajar Al-Homsi

Abu Haajar Al-Homsi is on the right.  His companion in Hell, Abu Muslim Al-Shaami, is on the left.  You shouldn’t pee on other people’s cars. 


All roads into Al-Raamoosa are open now and the industrial sector has been thoroughly combed by the SAA engineers to insure no IEDs or mines were overlooked.   Owners of businesses and plants are invited to return and start up their businesses again.  This indicates a high level of confidence that the SAA will be able to provide complete security – this as the Russian military is conducting maneuvers in Crimea with an eye to increasing its ground forces in Syria for the fight against terrorism.  Russia is about to up the ante on everyone.


A message from the Syrian General Staff to those terrorists remaining in Aleppo:  “This is the ineluctable destiny of every terrorist who bears weapons in the face of the Army and People.  WE ARE COMING!” (Thanks, Khaled)




Mary Shabbiha Woodward sends this interview with Zionist PM Mileikowski about KSA: 

Brandon rips into the Nobel Prize committee with its laugh-inducing nomination of a terror-support group, the White Helmets. Laugh along with us:

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