The recent attack on the Dayr El-Zor area, especially the airbase, was conducted by an almost all Iraqi and Gulf force led by Abu Ibraaheem Al-‘Iraaqi, a former Saddamist Special Forces operative) and a Saudi by the non de guerre of Abu Shaddaad Al-Jazraawi.  These two have their work cut out for them.  The Syrian Army’s Republican Guard defenders are veterans in every sense of the word.  Not only is the population surrounding the city totally committed to the central government, tribal leaders have made it also very clear that fighters from their ranks are champing at the bit to join the war against the nihilist forces of Wahhabism.

To prove this point, yesterday and today, local defense groups attacked ISIS strongholds in Al-Mayaadeen, Al-‘Ashshaara Village, and Al-Bulayl Village east of Dayr El-Zor City.  They killed 9 ISIS rodents and burned every remnant of their presence in the areas mentioned.  According to my source in Damascus, basing his information on unverified eyewitness accounts, the tribal fighters eviscerated some captured ISIS rodents with their hunting knives.

Over 16 suicide trucks have been pinpointed by SAA scouts and spotters.  These trucks were brought in from the Mosul area during the night of Friday, January 13, 2017.  Each truck has one driver whose job it is to blast a hole in the SAA’s defenses in order to allow certain specialized ISIS units (Inghimaasiyyeen, انغماسيين) to penetrate deep inside Syrian Army positions.  These particular kinds of rodents are former Iraqi Army Special Forces commandos and intensely trained Gulf Arabs who were moved from their bases in Mosul, Al-Raqqa and Palmyra in an effort to buttress the dwindling ISIS forces both east and west of the Euphrates.  The casualties among the rats are startling.  It is now a fight to the finish with the Syrian Army fully at the ready, bristling with arms and defended by swarms of Syrian and Russian bombers.

Witnesses to the frenzied rush to hospitals report, in one instance, convoys of ambulances heading helter-skelter to Al-Bukamaal, a town on  the border between Syrian and Iraq.  Most of the rodents needing immediate treatment are from battles being fought inside the city.

As of right now RG commanders are putting their forces together for a counter-attack which has been described to me as “massive”.

Just today, ISIS began burning tires in a clumsy effort to blind Syrian and Russian bombers.  Evidently, the tires were mostly spares taken from ISIS’ own vehicles leaving them with little chance of saving their vehicles if they get a puncture.

ISIS lies about occupying the cemetery area are exactly that – lies.  They have also not taken over the hill which casts a shadow over that area.  Pure fabrications designed to buoy up the collapsing morale of their rodents.  119 Tank Brigade which borders the Airbase has also not been occupied and remains in the hands of the SAA.  The only areas which have fallen under the artillery control of the devil-worshiping rats is Engineer’s Hill and Junayd Battalion which has temporarily blocked the road leading into the airbase.  I have been informed that steps are being taken now to remove this irritant.

As of today, despite the lies emanating from English propagandists, only 20 Syrian soldiers have been reported killed.  The number of ISIS killers dispatched to Hell is in excess of 1000 since Friday the Thirteenth a fact which could not be overlooked by the ISIS rodent command and which was the impetus for sending the specialized reinforcements to the area.  Also, of interest to our readers, is the lie from England about 10 Syrian soldiers executed brutally by ISIS savages in ways as diverse as running them over with tanks.  In fact, the individuals who have been executed by ISIS were informants for the army and civil servants working for the government.  Syrian soldiers do not surrender to ISIS because they know what their fate would be.

The SAAF and RuAF are blackening the skies over these areas now:  Industrial Quarter,Al-Ta`meen Hill, Al-Saala, Cemeteries, Burook Hill.  In these locations, the rats have lost 2 tanks, a BMP and 7 pickups with 23mm cannons.  Besides these areas, the SAAF and RuAF have been striking Huwayqa, Al-Rushdiyya, Al-Sinaa’ah, Al-Bughayliyya, Al-Hussayniyya, Al-Junayna.

A suicide driver in a truck loaded with TNT and C-4 was stopped dead in his tracks northeast of the airbase.  Sources say he had a madman’s smile as he drove his vehicle straight into the intestines of Hades.

At Burook Hill, the SAA foiled an attack northwest of the city killing 5 vultures.

ISIS has been reportedly moving family members outside the city in anticipation of a savage attack by Syrian Army forces.  Fearing the introduction of Shu’aytaat tribal fighters whose reputation for vendetta is very well known, the rats have decided to send their miserable offspring into the rural areas,  with hundreds of screaming tiny rodents shrilly coughing up their bloody and purulent venom into windows of the vans carrying them into an uncertain destiny where scarabs and scorpions live.

ISIS has named hundreds of its dead on its websites.  The only ones worth mentioning are:

Ibraaheem Shalash

Hammood Al-Naasser



Al-Mahdood-Dayr Haafer Axis:  10 ISIS pickups with 23mm cannons destroyed near the Air Force Academy.



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A developing story.  Our hero, Representative Tulsi Gabbard  (D-Hawaii), has just concluded a meeting in Damascus with many officials. We expect her to make a statement upon her return to her home state.  We will cover this important event.



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