Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, is taking the high road in Syria. We know this because the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) are realigning with the Syrian government. The SDF knows that the Turk cockroach, Erdoghan, will order his army to move into Manbij to evict them at some point citing his obsessive condition when it comes to Kurdish existence and Kurdish resolve to battle Turkish oppression. Instead of acting as bait for Erdoghan, the largely Kurdish SDF has decided wisely to acquiesce to the Syrian Army’s entry into the city thus blunting any argument Erdoghan may have to further encroach on Syrian sovereignty. Moreover, and happily, the city’s administration is anxious to restore Manbij to the writ of the central government for reasons having to do with security, open pathways to the industrial capital of Aleppo City, and, possibly, to thwart Erdoghan’s plans to invade even further.

That Erdoghan is losing ground in Syria should not be lost on anyone. Rex Tillerson has reportedly sacked scores of politically appointed employees at Foggy Bottom, many of whom were allied with the Neo-Con plan to dismember Syria. Mr. Tillerson, is also keen on keeping the U.S. out of Levantine politics for the short term which is proven by the curious absence of American influence at the latest Geneva Conference which, notably, resulted in a “working agenda” agreed to by all parties except the “Riyaadh Platform”, a Saudi controlled group of child molesters and wanted felons. In can be expected that the “Riyaadh Platform” will no longer receive any invitations from DeMistura unless its terrorist members comply with the wishes of the majority. This has been a great victory for Dr. Bashar Al-Jaafari who, finally, was able to push through the “basket” which would address the presence of terrorism inside Syria. Needless to say, the Saudis, who were pulling the strings of their Syrian sycophants, will not agree to any discussion of their own support for terrorists.

Manbij: The Syrian Army delegation and supported by Arabic-speaking Russian officers are meeting with the SDF head, Talaal Sillu, to put together an agreement to open a corridor to Aleppo City in order to revitalize trade in the region. In truth, the Syrians and Russians want to kibosh Erdoghan’s plan to invade while, at the same time, improving the living conditions of citizens. The Turks now occupy a village north of Manbij, Al-Kuraydiyya, and intelligence reports indicate a strengthening of the Turk forces there.

8 more towns and villages have been liberated east of Aleppo City with ISIS continuously redeploying rear-ward toward Tabqa. The villages are:

Rasm Al-Kibaar, ‘Alfa, Abu-Jareen, Tal Maa’izz, Al-Rawdha, Tal Al-Za’raayaa, Umm Al-Talaatil, Umm Al-‘Amad. These towns were freed after the Syrian Air Force and SAA artillery laid waste to all ISIS fortifications. In all, 10 tanks, which were booby-trapped, by the way, were destroyed. At present, the SAA Engineering Corps are dismantling the network of IEDs and mines laid by the fleeing or dying ISIS rodents.



Tarmala: On March 1, 2017, the citizens of this town broke out in a demonstration supporting Dr. Assad’s government. Many readers were concerned about the eventual reaction of the terrorist hyenas to this event. So far, no reports of vengeance have arrived.

Tarmala and Hassaana in south rural Idlib: The SAAF has destroyed 3 pickups, 1 with a 23mm cannon, and the others carrying rodents belonging to Alqaeda/Nusra. We can confirm the deaths of 3 vermin, all of whom were Uighers.

Tarmala Area around Sinjaar: SAA rangers armed with Kornet rockets and launchers destroyed a truck loaded with ammunition from Turkey/Saudi Arabia killing all aboard and creating quite a mess I am told.

Ma’arrat Al-Nu’maan: Women had their own demonstration yesterday demanding the release of a terrorist “media propagandist” named ‘Aadil Ballaani who is being held by “Hay`at Tahreer Al-Shaam”, another Alqaeda affiliate.



Al-Lataamina: The SAA killed 4 rats in their headquarters in a stunning raid which saw the vermin run out of the deathtrap only to be gunned down like, well, rodents. One of them was a regional commander by the name of “’Abdul-Qaadir Al-Jiddi”, a Saudi Arabian monkey rapist.

Sukayk: On the border with Idlib Province, the SAA put `Ammaar Dayoob to death with a single sniper shot.

Kafr Zaytaa Town: 1 pickup and 1 mortar launch pad reported destroyed.


HOMS: The Syrian Army foiled a Nusra/Alqaeda plan to overrun army checkpoints at ‘Ayn Al-Danaaneer and Tallat Al-Qatari. Complete flop leaving several rodents dead in their tracks.


AL-RAQQA: The SDF has clashed with ISIS here at Suwaydiyya Kabeera just north of the Tabqa Dam.


DAYR EL-ZOR: On February 28, 2017, the SAAF swooped down on a large convoy of trucks carrying weapons from Al-Raqqa and turned the convoy into a bracelet of flames.

Block Factories near the Security Brigade and Engineers’ Complex in the shadow of Tharda Mountain and Hill 23, the SAA rained death down on a group of ISIS terrorists killing over 10 of them and wounding scores.

City: 6 ISIS vultures were killed today after quarreling over who owned a particular male child catamite. Unbelievable, but, true.



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