AL-RAQQA PROVINCE:  Syrian Perspective has confirmed that the Syrian Army, moving to the south along the Euphrates River and supported by the Russian Air Force, has killed over 800 ISIS terrorists in the most sweeping battle of the entire war.  The event took place at Ghaanim ‘Ali Town which saw the destruction of 13 tanks, 39 pickups with 23mm cannons and 9 mortars.  This was the strongest force ever assembled by ISIS in the area of Al-Raqqa Province, the capital of which purports to be the terrorist group’s de facto capital in Syria.


AMMAN, JORDAN. Ah the cunning of the Hashemites.  These remnants of an age long withered by time and event continue to practice their puerile deceits on the world pretending their malice had gone unnoticed.  Sure, Saudi Arabia and Qatar paid the bill for all the deaths caused by the sickening invasion of sub-human cannibals, and they paid a great deal – so much so that one of the villains is on the verge of governmental bankruptcy.  But, nobody can outdo a Hashemite when it comes to pure villainy.  Why, it’s almost presumed that, in inter-Arab affairs, the Hashemites will not be outstripped by anyone for pure dastardliness.

This morning, I awakened to read the news and my emails.  Surprise. Surprise.  The Jordanian regime declared through a “deputy” information minister that “relations between Jordan and Syria were headed in the right direction”.  Oh.  my God!  You mean, Jordan is going to re-evaluate its position?  Now that the U.S. has stopped trying to build an army out of scarecrows, the Jordanians are following suit by pretending to never have supported the terrorists anyways?  What audacity!

The Jordanians are talking about reopening the various border crossings between the two countries including the Al-Naseeb Crossing which Amman, literally, gave to the NATO-backed murderers last year.  And now that all those venal cockroaches have decided they can’t defeat the Syrian Army or its allies, the Jordanians don’t feel any need to continue their overt, unabashed and unlawful support for them by providing safe haven, training and finance, all on Jordanian soil.  No.  No need for that.

And just like all Hashemites, whose MO is very well known, they also managed to keep their embassy open in Damascus as a hedge against some bad feelings.  But, that did not stop them from emulating the United States when they booted out our Syrian ambassador,  Maj. General Bahjat Sulaymaan, claiming he was insulting the monarchy on his Facebook page by insinuating that the Jordanian government was helping terrorists to attack Syria.  My God!  How could he?

The real reason for this volte face is not economic….and it’s not for restoring fraternal relations.  Like the Saudi monkeys, King Abdullah II is feeling a bit like the boys who stole El Chapo’s money.  They know he knows who stole his money.  And they know that returning it won’t help them to regain his trust; they are simply waiting for death.  As you all watch in horror the nauseating scene of the Jordanian king visiting Dr. Assad in Damascus to wipe the slate clean, know that this is one scene that will be repeated over and over again, with the good president smiling beatifically at all the supplicants coming his way, seeming to forgive and forget, when, in truth, all our president is thinking about is how to pay the Hashemites back in a full and final outbreak of rage.  Like Montressor to Fortunato, all he’s thinking about is the king’s immolation.

Dr. Assad will not act out of emotion.  He is the president of a country and he must act to protect its best interests.  He will, naturally, feign forgiveness and embrace all the enemies who tried to destroy his nation and to replace him with a monster whose ideology was wrought in a cesspool of ignorance.  But, there will come a time when people will be puzzled at how the Hashemites seem to be struggling in their British-built vassal state, and they will probably not think  all their troubles originated in a vindictive Damascus.  Ziad






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