DAYR EL-ZOR:  SAA artillery rocked ISIS positions on August 16, 2017 in the areas of Al-Huwayqa, Al-Rushdiyya and the Airbase.  Intelligence has become so accurate that the moment ISIS apes begin to collect in an area, they are quickly dispersed by artillery making any effort to counter-attack Syria’s forces almost impossiblel

On that same day, the Syrian Air Force struck hard at Panorama, Al-Mawaarid, Al-Rushidyya, Al-Husayniyya, Al-Bughayliyya, Hatla, Huwayjat Sakr, ‘Ayyaash and Al-Masrab.  In the sorties, 6 known ISIS command-control centers were targeted and destroyed completely.  Also, these rodent field commanders were confirmed killed in the inferno created by the Syrian bombers:

‘Uwayd Al-Buraak  (Kuwayti monkey rapist)

‘Aabid Al-Dakheel (Another Kuwayti child moleser)

Abu ‘Aa`isha Al-Jazraaawi  (Saudi hog wart)

Abu Maryam Al-Maleezi (Malaysian Syphilis bacterium)


Al-Mayaadeen City:  2 highly trusted thieves from ISIS were observed packing up and leaving the town with 39 Million Syrian liras all snug in a duffle bag.  They are:

Julaybeeb Al-Toonisi (Tunisian slug farmer)

Abu Talha Al-Baljeeki (Ugly Belgian-born slime)


Also killed there by locals is the chief of “repentance”, Abu Al-‘Abbaas”.  On information and belief, he has not repented.


Al-Hirri Village:  Citizens ambushed ISIS leaders during a meeting near Al-Bukamaal and killed these:

Abu ‘Umar Al-Masri (Egyptian asp vomit)

Abu Taariq Al-Masri (More gyppo regurgitation)

Ahmad Al-‘Ubaydi



‘Uqayrabaat:  The SAA has now encircled ISIS savages inside this town near Al-Salamiyya.  Estimates of rodents killed vary between 50 and 100 with scores seriously wounded and unable to reach any field clinic.

Al-Faasida Village area:  A group of scurrying ISIS vultures was cornered and exterminated.  The SAA conducted an on-site investigation and found that the terrorists were all non-Syrian, many from the Gulf and North Africa.

Atharyaa-Tuwaynaan-Al-Kareem Road.  This area has been fully liberated to the tune of 13 square kms.  Killed in the fighting were these:

Abu Muhammad Al-Indooneesi (Indonesian komodo dragon sputum)

Abu Usaamaa ‘Ayyaash

Abu Mundhir Al-Jaasim (Iraqi pus eater)



Hameema Town:  Totally liberated today on the southern flank and in the center.  We predict complete extermination of rodents in about 12 hours.

Tal Al-Sawwaana in East Homs, liberated completely.


LATAKIA:  A large explosion outside the ‘Uthmaan Hospital killed 3 citizens and wounded 10.  Luckily, many of the wound were treated on the spot by emergency physicians.  The exploding car was a Mercedes with fake license plates.


DAMASCUS:  Faylaq Al-Rahmaan has agreed to a truce and continues to fight Jaysh Al-Islam which, also, has an agreement with the government for a truce.  However, somebody violated the de-escalation agreement today by firing 5 rockets at civilians inside the largely Christian suburb of Baab Toomaa.



Read here about the grip of Captagon and its use by ISIS:–abc-news-topstories.html

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