The media in the West has completely turned around.  Everywhere I look, there are articles describing how President Assad has won the war despite some doomed pockets of resistance here and there.  The media talk about how the “opposition” has become irrelevant and how the opposition must fashion new policies to accommodate the stark realities on the ground.  Even the rodent-like Saudis have admonished their vassals about ignoring the looming signs of Dr. Assad’s total victory in Syria.

The signs are everywhere.  Elements of the Syrian Army’s 4th Tank Division supported by the all-volunteer Popular Defense Forces and the Russian Air Force have ended the ISIS stranglehold on the last bastion of its tyranny in East Hama Province.  Yesterday, the SAA liberated the entire town of ‘Uqayrabaat.  The assault came from 4 axes:  Umm Al-‘Alaayaa, Southeast ‘Uqayrabaat, Al-Jardaana/Umm Mayl and Salbaa.  Of note is the role of the Military Intelligence units liaised with the army and the RuAF here to direct fire at known ISIS positions.

The army also liberated these villages:  Jurooh, Al-Ruwaydha, Khudhayra and Al-Mu’adhdhamiyya.  The action was so successful, Lt. General ‘Ali ‘Abdullah Ayyoob visited the scene to congratulate and review the forces which will now almost certainly head further east.

With ISIS buses, carrying those same rats who plagued Lebanon’s mountains, stuck in the desert because of Yankee, Iraqi and Kurdish rage at the deal struck by the Lebanese government to send these pathetic rodents to areas close to the Iraqi border, it appears ISIS has reached its nadir.  Word is out that Al-Baghdaadi is dead and that former suppliers of arms are being hunted down.  Even Alqaeda in Idlib is keeping quiet with ‘Abdullah Al-Muhaysini slowly losing influence among the Syrian terrorists he so desperately needs to maintain the appearance of relevance.

All along the Jordanian border, citizens are assisting the army in identifying areas infested by ISIS.  Why, the Hashemite monarchy has had an epiphany!  Suddenly, the Jordanian Army is working to stop the flow of terrorists into Syria.  It is also shooting dead any person who tries to cross into Jordan from Syria.

And the Turks!  So obsessed with the slightest aroma of a Kurdish state, they have given up on their absurdist demands for Dr. Assad’s ouster and have simply told their erstwhile terrorist puppets that the new agenda has nothing to do with the government in Damascus – and everything to do with fighting the YPG, PKK and the SDF.  To prove the new direction, Ankara has completed negotiations for a Russian-built anti-aircraft system and have degraded their diplomatic ties to long-time ally, Germany.  As Heracleitus wrote many centuries ago:  All things are in a state of flux.  Everything keeps changing.

Among the “opposition”, I have heard that Riyaadh Hijaab, the Syrian traitor who leads the Saudi-based Riyaadh opposition is trying to find a country that will accept him for residence.  His path to Damascus now ends at a gallows being constructed for all those who conspired to murder the Syrian people and topple their government.



It looks like the LA Times has a pretty good hunch about who’s coming out on top:

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