It’s been 3 weeks with our website down because of some Zionist operation run out of Saudi Arabia targeting pro-Syrian government news sources, like SyrPer and Al-Masdar News. Thanks to the efforts of smarter individuals, like Leith and Danny, the news will start to flow out again.
I have been reading emails for the last 3 weeks without being able to convey their substance to my readers. The last one I received concerned the audio tape released supposedly by ISIS carrying a message of encouragement from the Caliph of Cockadoodledoo imploring his rodents to carry the fight forward, praising their resilience in the battle for Mosul and ordering them to burn all enemies of his kind of deviant religion.
It is now clear the audio tape is fake. Let me tell you why according to my source in Damascus. The tape is “audio” because there is no method the Mossad can use to credibly recreate the face or image of Al-Baghdaadi. They can only impersonate him by voice. According to Monzer, the voice is that of an Iraqi Jew who works as an agent in the Zionist Spook Service. Monzer insists that Al-Baghdaadi was killed last year near Al-Mayaadeen.
The second reason the audio is a fake is because voice testing by Russian technicians in Damascus have preliminarily determined the voice to be of someone other than Al-Baghdaadi.
There are plenty of reasons why this audio has just come out.
The Saudis are terrified that ISIS will be destroyed quite soon while Dr. Assad remains in power. Both the Zionist Apartheid State and KSA are in agreement that the momentum toward “regime change” in Damascus must be maintained at all costs to pressure Dr. Assad and to prevent an Iranian nesting inside Syria. The only group of terrorists now capable of mounting any type of threat to the stability of Syria is ISIS because its rabid sister, Al-Qaeda, has been cleverly maneuvered into irrelevance within the borders of Idlib Province. If ISIS is destroyed, the extermination of Alqaeda will come very quickly afterward when Russian and Syrian air power will be brought to bear in a convulsion of fire.
The Zionist Ghetto State has no hope other than ISIS to block the Iranian advance to the borders of Palestine. With Houthi rebels now receiving missiles from Iran capable of striking Zionist naval bases across the Baab Al-Mandeb Straits, the only tool at its disposal is the corrupt and diseased philosophy of Wahhabism that is clearly on its way into oblivion, along with its Zionist counterpart. To the average Zionist thinker, ISIS must be saved at all costs.
It appears from news I received many days ago, the U.S. was actually seen transporting ISIS killers out of areas within the striking range of Syrian Army artillery. The Russians announced this and many of you read about it. It is clear the U.S. is running a double policy in the Near East. One policy pretends to fight ISIS while the other struggles to nurture it.

I want to apologize to my readers for the over-long absence from the news scene. We are trying to make sure it never happens again. On to final victory over the tyranny of Wahhabism and the restoration of our beloved secular Syria. Keep the faith.

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