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Heads up! To ensure you are always informed and since all Syrian Perspective channels are regularly subject to censorship and closures.

Please make sure you join us on FaceBook;

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Level 0 - Anonymous

Susan Nieder Thanks for the heads up and looking forward to seeing how Rafflecopter adapts.

Great post! I�ve been dragging my feet when it comes to making and posting videos to YouTube. I guess I was afraid I�d be discouraged by the initial low view count and the �NICE TITZ� comments. Well, maybe the latter would help put a little pep in my s…

Level 2 - Veteran

Not posted for a long time Ziad much has changed The currant conflagration in Latakia is similar to the doomed German offensive in the ardennes in ww2 ,,a last desperate roll of the dice The defeat when it comes will be devastating,.not only for Manpower reasons, but material also, i assume this Mob as well as being backed Militarily by the Turks ,are also equipped with the best NATO has to offer, given the limited ability of those taking part in this folly

All the best to Yourself Ziad and the rest of the Gang at Syper. Viva Syria

Level 1 - Novice

Rss feed? Is there a link to same?